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  • Giveaway: What It Means to Be a Man by Rhett Smith

    There seems to be three archetypes of men in the church. Mr. Rogers – Soft and gentle. But mostly soft.  Tim the Tool Man – He’s got a tool for everything. And he loves to fix stuff when he’s not out hunting. Mr. Invisible – You hear great things about this guy from his wife. […]

  • GIVEAWAY: As for Me and My [Crazy] House

    What is it… It’s a book by my friend Brian Berry. Brian has been in youth ministry for 20 years. Literally, his kids know no other life than being the youth pastor’s kids. Speaking of kids– Brian has 5 of them! My kids LOVE going over to their house and seeing them at church. Somehow […]

  • GIVEAWAY: Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling by Jon Huckins

    What is it… It’s the first book by my friend and co-author, Jon Huckins. If you’ve ever thought of integrating fictional storytelling into your teaching this is the book you need. (You realize this is what Jesus did with the whole parable thing, right? Yeah, totally biblical.) It’s a great resource– it flew under the […]

  • GIVEAWAY: The Anxious Christian by Rhett Smith

    What it is… It’s a book! Here’s the official description: In our journey of faith there are moments that produce a certain amount of anxiety. Often anxiety or worry is seen as an evil or un-Christian feeling to have, but The Anxious Christian conveys the message that anxiety can actually be helpful in our spiritual […]

  • GIVEAWAY: Love is an Orientation DVD by Andrew Marin

    What it is… Love is an Orientation DVD is a video curriculum based on The Marin Foundation’s ground breaking work in the LGBTQ community. The byline is, “Practical ways to build bridges with the Gay Community.” I’ve heard amazing things from adult small groups and church leadership teams who have worked through this content together. […]

  • GIVEAWAY: Real Conversations by Jonathan McKee

    What it is… Jonathan McKee (The Source for Youth Ministry) just released a 4-week video based curriculum that’s all about how to have real conversations about sharing your faith. (Which is cool considering it’s called, Real Conversations.) As a youth leader, this is one of those plug-n-play options that would be cool to have on […]

  • VOTE: Cobra Pit Cleaner Ad

    Contest: Submit a Craigslist-styled ad for the video above. (Entries closed, see entries here) VOTE! Read the three entries below and cast your vote. Winner announced Wednesday morning. Finalists A: Middle-Management Position – Submitted by Kevin A. Middle-management position has recently become available to oversee a quiver of ground-floor executives hungry for leadership. The selected […]

  • CONTEST: Cobra Pit Cleaner ad

    Sometimes I watch a YouTube video or read a news story and I wonder… “What would the Craigslist Ad look like for this?“ Contest: Write a fake Craigslist ad for the gig featured in the video above. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Make me wince in pain. Just make it good. Rules: Keep it […]

  • Beyond the Zoo Giveaway

    The launch of Beyond the Zoo has gone great so far. We’re adding new reviews weekly and we’re even hoping to add a couple contributors to capture some various genres of stuff in and around San Diego. At the same time we thought it’d be fun to kick things up a notch and have a […]

  • Contest: Name this post

    I don’t have a swanky prize, but since I can’t think of a title for this post I thought I’d ask for you to leave a comment naming this post. p.s. If anyone wants to put up a prize, that’d be great! Drop me an email.