Taking a Risk This Weekend

wcsd-logoAt Open we ask speakers to come on their own dime, present something fresh, and step out in faith– to take a risk for the sake of the community. The premise of Open is that the best ideas about ministering to adolescents are already out in the field being tried… and amazing things will happen when we share them with others in our field.

This weekend I’m taking a similar risk by presenting a not-so-normal topic at WordCamp San Diego. (Open is modeled after WordCamp)

I’m excited to speak into this community of collaborators and innovators. In my work at McLane Creative I take a lot so it is fun to give something back.

But I’m fully aware of my risk, as well. It’s not my normal audience. It’s not my normal content. That means it’s truly a 50/50 thing… it could go great or it could completely suck. 

Here’s the description of my talk:

Bringing Craft Back to Content

It’s easy to get enamored with all that you can make WordPress do. Ecommerce. Membership. Private forums and social networks. And the motherload, building a supercharged subscription-based-membership site complete with a private social network which passively generates income for a small army of affiliates.

We laugh because we know that’s what most clients want us to build. I’ve built all of those. Some have worked great. But most have failed.

The truth is that no matter how powerful your marketing scheme or development plan is that your project will fail if you don’t have great content. Some chide that Content is King. But in reality content is omnipotent. Without great content the most perfectly executed plan is just a knot of code on a very boring web server.

In our brief time together we’ll examine 10 ways to bring the craft of creating content back into what you do.

The Thing About Risk

Here’s what I know about risk: If you don’t take any risks you won’t reap earn any rewards. 

Step outside of yourself. Reach for something. And go.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.


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