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  • Muchos Perros

    Muchos Perros

    A few years ago, Kristen and I thought a cool way to serve our neighborhood if we could watch people’s dogs while they went to work. We both work from home full-time. (We did it before COVID made it as normal as it is today.) And I’d spoken to a few friends who took their […]

  • Making Memories on Vacation

    Making Memories on Vacation

    When our teenage children were young my wife Kristen felt convicted about giving our kids lots of stuff for Christmas. To her, toys simply weren’t the point of Christmas. Christmas is about Jesus, right? So if we make a big deal out of loading up the tree with toys it stops being about Jesus and […]

  • Bringing Craft Back to Content

    Here are my notes from my WordCamp San Diego talk. If you have any feedback on the presentation or want to connect on making something awesome, leave me a comment or hit up my contact form. (If you missed it, it’ll be on PDF of my talking notes, which I kind of used. 10 Tips […]

  • Taking a Risk This Weekend

    At Open we ask speakers to come on their own dime, present something fresh, and step out in faith– to take a risk for the sake of the community. The premise of Open is that the best ideas about ministering to adolescents are already out in the field being tried… and amazing things will happen […]

  • How to Push Through a Creative Drought

    I don’t know if it’s the workload or the time of year or just fatigue. But I’ve had a hard time being especially creative lately. That’s bad news for a person who runs a company called McLane Creative. My projects and my deadlines could care less how I’m feeling or if I’m inspired. There are […]

  • Start-up Mode, What We’re Learning

    “So, how is the start-up stuff going?” It’s a fair and caring question. I get it all the time. Several months ago Kristen and I felt God pulling for a big change. Long before we even knew exactly how it would play out… we knew it was time to go for it. You know, a […]

  • My geeky newsletter starts tomorrow

    Starting tomorrow is my new, totally random, and hopefully useful newsletter– Remnants. If you’re into webby things and you want to take a deep dive into the geeky side of web stuff, like how to actually build stuff. Than this is for you. If not… I’d suggest not subscribing. 

  • Learn from me on December 3rd

    If you live in Southern California (or are willing to come visit) I am hosting 2 classes on December 3rd through a brand new website, Skillshare. Growing your business with Mailchimp How to get started with Mailchimp, set-up and grow your lists, and grow your business Mailchimp is an amazingly powerful tool. Whether you are […]

  • Beginning life in the Cartel

    For those who missed my earlier announcement: I’m no longer with Youth Specialties. Starting today I’m joining my friend Marko (Mark Oestreicher) to launch a brand new kind of youth ministry organization, The Youth Cartel. I’ve spent 3 months waiting for September 1st to arrive. Words can’t express how excited I am to get started today. Our byline is “Instigating a […]

  • Speaking Schedule so far this Fall

    I’m definitely not an “on the road all the time” speaker dude. But I do love teaching and training and I’m stoked to have a few opportunities coming this Fall. Here’s my next three: WordCamp LA – September 10th, Loyola Marymount University – Tickets – If you’re a WordPress junkie you know WordCamp is the […]