Free Palmer, The Penske Moving Version

truckThe subtitle of this post could be “The absolute random life of Adam McLane.”

Tomorrow I leave for a 3-day trip. I’ll be flying to Nashville and then driving back in a giant Penske moving truck with my buddy Dave Palmer as part of a theory that you can catch a company doing something good.

Free Palmer!

You may recall that just about a year ago many people who read this blog helped me draw attention to Dave’s plight. He was stuck. He’d rented a lemon of a moving truck which had broken down several times as he and his dad were moving their family from San Diego to Nashville.

Things got bad. 6th level of hell bad. The truck broke down on the side of the road in record breaking heat. His dad, dehydrated and over tired, was taken to the hospital while Dave was left stranded in a hotel.

The company he’d rented the truck from was completely unresponsive. It took several thousand angry tweets, Facebook messages, and calls to the corporate headquarters before someone finally woke up and helped Dave out. (In the end, the other moving company did what was right.)

Now, a year later, Dave is moving back to San Diego. And the fine people from Penske have stepped in to say… Not all moving truck rental companies are evil, rent lemons, and will leave you stranded in some no-name town during a heat wave.

In fact, they think that moving across the country can be low-stress and a fun adventure.

So Dave and I are putting that theory to the test. Armed with nearly every earthly possession of Dave’s packed in a moving truck, 3 days, and a bunch of video equipment, we’re setting off on a journey to have a good time and document our trip.

I mean… what can go wrong? 

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2 responses to “Free Palmer, The Penske Moving Version”

  1. Doug Fields Avatar
    Doug Fields

    This is genius! Both for Penske Marketing and Dave (hopefully he’s getting everything free). I love this kind of relational marketing.

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      I think it’s a good deal for everybody involved. They were actually helpful with Dave’s problem last year, even though it wasn’t their company causing the problem. So it’s fun to go back and do this with them. Really looking forward to seeing how this works out.

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