Migrate to Feedly Now!

If you use Google Reader you’ve seen this every day for weeks.

Google Reader is Dead
Google Reader’s death certificate.

So, if you read my blog via Google Reader, and about a thousand people do, you need to act now.

Here’s how you fix it in about 60 seconds. You just move to Feedly. It’s a free service that’s filling the void left behind by Google Reader, and one that I think is actually a nicer product than the old standby.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1

Go to feedly.com, click “Import from Google Reader”


Step 2

Pick a Google Account (You probably only have 1)


Step 3

Authorize Feedly to grab all of your Google Reader feeds.


Step 4

Enjoy your new RSS reader. (They also have apps for your phone and tablet.)


Wait, you aren’t subscribed to my RSS?

Hook yourself up now. All the cool cats do it.

Don’t Use RSS?

No problem. You can subscribe to my blog via email.

Your Reward






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  1. […] adam has more details, step-by-step instructions here in his post called Migrate to Feedly Now! but i want it noted that he — the techno-wizard — told me no one uses RSS or a reader […]

  2. […] easy with a one-step import for your entire Google Reader account.   Our friend Adam McLane made this awesome guide guide showing you how to do it, or you can just click here [MIGRATE TO FEEDLY] and follow the big green […]

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