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Hello Candy


On New Year’s Eve we stood around our little kitchen butcher block talking to the kids about 2013. We shared some plans we knew about, some things we were hoping for in the new year, and then we turned it on them.

“What’s your new year’s resolution going to be?” 

Our kids aren’t exactly forward-looking. I think it’s a combination of developmental appropriateness and just being chilled out kids who live in the moment.

After a few minutes of talking Paul piped out his idea. “I’d give up candy for a whole year for $50.”

We went with it. $50 for no candy for a year? We shortened it to 6 months then made it inclusive. Anyone in the house who wanted to give up candy for 6 months gets $50 cash on July 1st.

Megan tapped out right away. Part of our routine in going to SDSU basketball games is stopping at 7-11 to get candy. There’s no way she was going to give that up, not even for $50. 

But Paul was into it. Mom and dad joined in out of solidarity.

And here we are… July 1st.

Resolution complete.

Totally Survivable

This wasn’t that hard of a challenge. Megan was right, the basketball games were the worst part. I love getting Mike & Ike’s for the games and I never really found a good substitute. (Coffee was the next best thing, I guess.) But outside of that and the occasional, daily, gnawing craving to stuff my face with candy at 2:00 PM, it was easy. 

It’s not like I missed Skittles at all. Or a frozen Snicker bar. Or Hot Tamales. And it’s not like SDSU didn’t make it to the Sweet 16 or win a conference championship simply because I didn’t get to eat Mike & Ike’s after the Star Spangled Banner. Didn’t miss it at all. Kind of like giving up breathing. 

It was totally survivable.

So What’s Next?

I have no idea. But it’ll involve Skittles.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.

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