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5 Ways to Help Your Favorite Blogger

5 Ways to Help Your Favorite Blogger

Did you know that there are things you, a blog reader, can do that can dramatically help or hurt an authors content?

I share this because I regularly reach out to people who think that they are helping my blog but are actually hurting it. (Not properly attributing things, misspelling my name, using my content improperly, stuff like that.) When I talk to them about it I do believe them: They think they are helping. 

So this post is an attempt to share things that actually help. Please read this on behalf of all the blogs you read, not just mine.

5 Ways to Help Your Favorite Blogger

In order of importance…

  1. Leave a comment. Leaving a comment is great for a blog. It tells other readers that people are engaged with the content, gives new readers permission to comment, and it gives the author a chance to interact with readers… and get better. (Plus, the best way to get me to read your blog is to leave a comment with the link as your URL… I always check those out!)
  2. Share on Facebook or Twitter. My #1 source of traffic is Facebook. My #2 source of traffic is Twitter. When you share links on Facebook or Twitter it really, really helps people find my blog. And when you tag me I get a chance to be a part of the conversation you have with your followers. I love that.
  3. Submit a link to Reddit. When it comes to authority ranking and drawing attention to a bloggers content, Reddit is king. Instead of creating your own site where you aggregate your favorite blogs create a subreddit for your niche. (I’d love to see someone start and really manage a church bloggers subreddit. I’d subscribe to it in a heartbeat!)
  4. Create your own content and link back. If you read something and want to respond with your own thoughts, do it. But don’t just grab the whole post… grab an excerpt or snippet then write your thoughts before or after.  Here’s an example of how I’ve done that. Also see my post, How to Repost with Style & Grace.
  5. Add the post to your Digg Reader or Feedly. Those aren’t just RSS readers anymore. Your sharing and reading is dropped into an algorithm which will recommend your favorite bloggers content to others who might like it. While that might not lead to immediate traffic for a blogger, the long tail effect will really help.
  6. BONUS: Visit their sponsors, buy stuff from their affiliate links, click on ads for things that you like. Those other things help promote the blog but helping them make a little money for their hard work is always appreciated.

But please! For the love off all things internet and holy, don’t just copy/paste an entire post and stick it on your blog. Let’s do better, internets.


What have I missed? What would you add? Leave me a comment to share how you’re helping your favorite blogger. 

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.

19 replies on “5 Ways to Help Your Favorite Blogger”

Thanks for the great tips! I recently started using Feedly and have found some other great blogs that way too.

What about send them cookies or a new computer to blog on; would that help? I’d say good comments that help move the post forward and not just a comment for comments sake? But then I may not have anything constructive to say and never comment. hmmm

Always happy to see reminders out there (for those who need them) that blog content should not be copied and pasted in full as a post on another blog. You raise a good point that people might think they’re being helpful in doing that, so it’s a good reminder to be charitable when these copyright infringements arise.

I will admit that when I first started blogging I was a cut/paste. But the good news is that I grew from that experience!
I think you cover just about every “help a blogger out”! Looking forward to sharing with my team of bloggers!
Keep rocking the great content!

Thanks Hutch. Question about podcasting… I’m always curious how podcasts are doing. Are individual creators thriving or has it really become a way for more produced shows to flourish?

I think so when they incorporate the right game plan for implementation. More and more podcasts are coming online. That has to say something. If you want to discuss it more, let me know. It is something that I discuss with people quite frequently.

I don’t remember how I found you but the “hook” was a mention of your blog entry on Snapchat. I so wish I could remember where I saw it so you’d know. Sorry. Great tips and I generally tweet articles since I have it set up where the tweets are shared on Facebook. Keep up the great work!

Can you explain feedly and digg…maybe a brief explanation that would help someone not familiar with those tools to be able to utilize them to help a favorite blogger out? BTW: I loved your example article…as a youth worker (jr. high youth worker for 30 years and teacher for 15) I find that stuff fascinating!

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