Jackson Time


One of the traditions I’m trying to introduce is taking each of the kids on a “dad trip” once per year. I don’t pretend to be a model parent, I do a lot of things wrong— But one thing I think I’m doing well is creating memorable experiences with Megan, Paul, and Jackson.

Creating memorable experiences are sometimes little things like getting a movie, Kristen making popcorn, and having a family movie night to medium things like taking them to football & basketball games, to bigger things like tagging along on one of dad’s work trips.

The point isn’t to create one big Disney World memory a few times growing up, it’s to help create little snapshots for their memory banks. (Whether or not this will mean anything later in life, I have no idea!)

Jackson’s Turn

JT turns 3 on Saturday.

So we decided that was old enough to go on a trip with dad. Tomorrow he’s going on his first airplane ride as he joins me on my trip to Open Grand Rapids. Flying 2000+ miles is a big adventure for a little boy.

It’s his first flight. His first time going to grandma and grandpa’s house. First time seeing snow, making a snowball, or building a snowman– even being below freezing! First overnight trip away from home without mommy. Lots and lots of firsts.

I’m really looking forward to the time together and experiencing so many of these firsts with him.

It’s really easy to get jaded when traveling. After a while every takeoff, landing, rental car, hotel, dinner out… they all start to feel the same.

For me, it’s great to build these memories with the kids. But it’s also great to see the world through their eyes–one on one–with them. 

We’re going to make some memories, see the world, and get tattoos.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!






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  1. Rick D Avatar
    Rick D

    They’re predicting some pretty sketchy weather here in Grand Rapids for tomorrow. Hopefully Jackson’s list of “firsts” doesn’t include long delays and rerouted planes…

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