Travel as a Political Act

Watch the first 6-7 minutes of this presentation from Rick Steves, I think it’ll challenge your perceptions of what it means…

  1. …to travel. The “why” we need to travel beyond our borders is super important.
  2. …to share what we know to be true. I’ve watched and loved Rick Steves show on PBS for years, I’d heard him do a couple radio interviews where he was a little outspoken on some issues, but my goodness he is unafraid to use his voice in this 80 minute piece.

In both cases, I hope to see more of that. I know for myself, while I certainly don’t land in the same area code as Mr. Steves on a lot of political issues addressed in this speech… I certainly want to continue to embody the two points above. I want to and plan to continue to travel beyond our borders. And I want to and plan to continue to share what I know to be true.






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