The Christmas Cows Have Arrived

Over the past couple of years I’ve visited Good Shepherd Orphanage several times. And at each visit, usually as I helped show teams of youth workers around her compound, Sister Mona has told groups about her annual Christmas party. The party is simple… they invite every kid in the neighborhood who wants to come, to come. They get a gift and a beef dinner.

It’s no small thing. Each year the orphanage serves something like 1,000 kids in the community as well as at the orphanages other location out in the country.

And visit after visit I heard Mona mention the cows. Earlier this summer I asked my buddy Jim at Praying Pelican Missions to track down the cow situation and find out if she had them. She didn’t, so it was time to act.

I asked friends who have gone to Haiti with me to think about donating some money to buy Sister Mona cows for her annual Christmas party. They did. In fact, while the goal was to buy just one cow, we were able to raise enough money to buy both cows.

All that to say that yesterday I got confirmation, by way of these photos of these handsome cattle, that the cows had been delivered.

And thanks, Almando for all the hard work in making it happen. Apparently he’s the kind of guy you can ask “How do I get a cow delivered?” and he knows what to do.

Seriously, way to go friends! We did it!







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