The Summer of 95

Today’s Throwback Thursday is to July 1995, the summer that Kristen and I became a couple. 

  • We were not quite 19 years old when we met, set up on a blind date at the end of our freshmen year at Moody.
  • This photo is in front of the Hesburgh Library at Notre Dame. Football fans know this mural, Word of Life, as Touchdown Jesus. The library and the campus itself were a bit of a refuge my senior year of high school. I lived pretty far from school and I used (cough, trespassed) at the library at least twice a week to study, read books, or just hang out.
  • Kristen came down to visit, spending the fourth of July weekend with my family at our cottage in Southwestern Michigan. Looking back, she was so brave.
  • Speaking of brave… look at that hand on her knee. [shakes head]
  • We took a few of these photos. Kristen’s camera had a timer, we’d set the timer and run to pose. Old school selfies.
  • Not sure about that outfit. Suede shoes and a long-sleeved silk button up shirt. Kristen clearly went with the comfortable route.
  • Also not in this photo? All the metal shavings from my dad’s clutch. I borrowed his truck to drive around but had no experience driving a stick shift. Oops. 






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    that hand! ha!

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