Go to Haiti with Me in 2017

I’ve been going to Haiti a few times per year since 2010. With each trip my convictions are re-enforced:

  • The Holy Spirit is on the move in Haiti. When you go with a heart to serve, you are filled more than you can give. The church is exploding in growth as communities see the church in action.
  • A century of dependencies is being undone by building strategic partnerships that elevate the role of local church leadership.

I’ll cut right to the chase.

Next summer I’m headed back to the south western part of Haiti, the Les Cayes area, to expand on some of the ministry partnerships I’ve been part of the past several years.

As you may or may not know… that part of Southern Haiti was most effected by Hurricane Matthew and more recently horrible flooding. The small village I worked in 2 summers ago was completely devastated. Literally, anything not built out of concrete block was destroyed and even a lot of the stuff built from concrete was severely damaged. (A very small percentage of homes are built using concrete, so most of the homes were completely demolished)

So, as you might imagine I’m anxious to get back there, to continue what’s already been started but also help however I can.

This trip next summer will be working with families directly impacted by these natural disasters on behalf of the local church, simultaneously serving the needs of the community and building up the local church.

And I’d love to have you join me! My July 22-28 trip is currently half full. I’m looking for a total of 40 more people. My trip is operated by our long-time missions partner, Praying Pelican Missions. Your team will have it’s own trip, but each evening all of the various teams will come together to share stories, worship, and celebrate what God’s doing through our groups.

The cost is $695/per person not including air fare. That’ll cover food, transportation, housing, and ministry stuff.

If you want to learn more or register your group here’s the link.

If you’ve got questions about the trip that you want to talk to me about, drop me a line!






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