Applying Tuning In Principles in the Local Church

My new book, Tuning In: Six Ways to Get Your Life Back from Technology comes out on April 12th. But the content in the book has been leaking out in my discussions with church leaders over the last several months. I’m really passionate about helping people find some health in their lives and ministries when it comes to technology!

A few weeks back I had a FaceTime chat with long-time youth ministry bud Dan Navarra. He was prepping a message for “big church” and we chatted about a wide variety of things related to his question, “How can I help my church use social media and technology in a more healthy way?

Really— where the rubber meets the road— this is the heart of most pastors.

And I hope/pray/intend on helping pastors answer that question in Tuning In. The default answer can’t be that to better connect with Jesus we need to tune out of technology altogether. Instead, it has to be learning when/what/how/when/where/where to tune out and when to tune in!

All that to say, check out Dan’s message above. Take notice how he he pokes, prods, loves, confesses, and finally delivers a path forward in the last 15 minutes of the talk. The last 15 minutes is (at least the way I heard it) built off the Tuning In Principles.






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