Stardate 73667.8: First day of social distancing

First I wrote a Facebook post. Then Kristen and I picked up two dogs we are watching. One of them swam in the pond 3 times. Then I sold plants to people but tried not to shake their hands. I shook their hands but felt bad about it. I immediately washed my hands. I need to learn a 20 second poem. I counted and I only washed my hands for 10 seconds. Next, I went to Costco with a neighbor to laugh at people buying toilet paper. I bought cheese, coffee, açaí, and creamer. I did not witness a fight at Costco. We found parking easily. We left disappointed. 

I spent the evening retrofitting my office in case Megan comes home for 6 months. I sense she would rather not come home for 6 months. I painted trim in the office I meant to paint in 2016. There’s a lot I wish I could change about 2016. Painting the trim before installing it is one thing I wish I could change. 

Current body temperature: 98.3
Rolls of toilet paper: 3 cases
Number of times I touched my face today: A million
Supplies: We have 25 lbs of flour. 25 lbs of black beans. 1.5 gallons of creamer. 3 lbs of coffee. 

All good in the hood. 

Social distancing grade: D






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