Stardate 73700.6: Thirteenth day of social distancing

Stardate 73700.6
Thirteenth day of social distancing 

I don’t care about coronavirus anymore. Just please make it stop raining. RIP to Spring Break 2020. We never knew you. Our kids have this idea that kind of makes sense to me. What if all of society just agreed that Monday is January 1st, 2020? What if we all just agreed that the past 90 days sucked and let’s do it over? Deal? Deal. Happy New Years! 

Current body temperature: 97.9
Rolls of toilet paper: 2.4 cases 
Number of times I touched my face today? So many times. I touched my face on camera in front of 180 people, too. 
Supplies: We need to go to Costco tomorrow. Pray for us. 
Social distancing grade: C-






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