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marching on

There are times for retreating and there are times for advancing. (If you’re in the military then you’ve heard that there are also times for waiting.) Well, these next few days are for advancing. I’ve got lots of work to do and it’s a pleasure to feel good enough to get back to work full swing. Tonight’s LF should be fun and exciting… so long as it doesn’t rain!

Tonight’s topic: What is Light Force? Part of our summer series about our vision for 2004-2005.


lazy days of summer

For the last few days I haven’t felt like bogging. Not because I wasn’t full of self-worth or didn’t have ample amounts of worthless self-talk worth writing down, but mostly because I just got “in the funk.”

Avoidance is a thing I really wrestle with. If there’s something I don’t particularly want to do, even if it’s something I really like doing, I’ll sometimes just get in a funk of not wanting to do that thing. In the last week or so it has been blogging.

Another thing I’ve been avoiding is paying bills. Not in a “don’t have the money” kind of way, more likely it’s been all about just not wanting to sit down and do it. Generally speaking, I love to go every day and synch MS Money with the bank and reconcile all the spending and keep track of each penny and where it went and what bills are upcoming, etc. But lately, I’ve just been avoiding it. I clumped all the June bills together and waited until the last minute to send them off. I hate doing that. Some of them were even a day or two late. My estimated taxes were among the things just sent in the knick of time. I would hate for poor Uncle Sam to have to wait for his few dollars from the McLane’s. I’m sure he was worried that he wasn’t going to be able to pay his employees or if he was even going to keep the lights on the Statue of Liberty. But alas, it was post-marked before the 15th of June.

This avoidance thing is really just a mental game. I’ll be super consistent and “faithful” to something for a really long time, then I’ll just get into the game and not take care of something simple. Another one. Our license plates for the car. They expire at the end of the month and I will likely wait until the last possible day to take care of it. It’s irritating and fun at the same time. Oh, the games we play in our minds.

Well, that’s enough self-absorption for now.


sore muscles

Yesterday golf tournament was a disaster. To put it nicely, I’ve never played so poorly. I can’t think of another time where I had a complete inability to make good shots happen. In all reality, I had several very good shots. Three times I put an approach shot within 5 feet of the hole for birdie. Each time I was unable to convert.

Along the same lines, I discovered much that I did wrong in “day of tournament” preparation. I tired myself out practicing. That was a no-no. I hydrated, but not enough. As the 6 hour round continued I felt worse and worse. It’s been since I was about 13 since I felt that poorly on the golf course. I was faint, tired, sweating and then not sweating. I had a pounding headache. These are all signs of heat stroke. It only got worse when I got home. I tried pounding down a serious amount of fluid and food. I didn’t feel any better, and only got worse, until about 11 PM. Yuck! My head was absolutely pounding. I kept ice on my head and neck most of the night to try to bring my body temperature down.

So this morning I feel a little better. Mostly, I am just sore. Everything hurts. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand. It hurts to lay down, it hurts when I move and when I don’t move. I don’t think I’ll be back on the golf course for a few days.


not into it

There are some time that you can’t keep me away from my office. I am always here. This is not that time.

I am not feeling “into work” just right now. For obvious reasons, my brain is kind of checked out elsewhere. Not home or on anything truly “important” but on my stupid golf game. I’m more than a little nervous about my adventure Tues-Wed at the public links sectional. I’m either going to play really well or really poorly.

On the bright side, I finally settled my mind on having one of last years freshmen carry my sticks. He will absolutely be perfect for it. He likes the course, he likes the idea of helping me out, and he just has a fun attitude. I will need that. Chances are, I’m going to post a big number and I’ll need someone around to keep me in check to stop from DQing myself or maybe even withdrawing.

A little more practice tonight and a quick 9 in the morning and I’ll be all ready. I’m just ready to get it on!



Well, I spent all of Wednesday night and early Thursday morning puking my guts out. It was one of my less glamorous moments. Apparently I ate something that didn’t agree with me. My guess would have to be a bad hamburger from my meeting Wednesday night. I started feeling sick as soon as I got home. I missed all day yesterday at work because of it too. Though I tried to come in, I didn’t last long. I was just too whipped.

Today, I had my practice round over at the Orchards. I’m more than a little POed that I had to pay full price. I like golf and all, but not at $80 a round. That sucks! Even worse, I’ve got the shanks. I’ve got about 24 hours to get it all worked out or else I’m going to withdraw from my tournament next week. I’m so nervous about it that I haven’t even arranged for a caddy yet. The way I was playing today I’d be ashamed to have someone forced to watch me play. Yuck!

We have an all nighter tonight. While I am down with spending time with students, I am not down with losing a nights sleep! We are expecting somewhere between 20-30 students tonight. So that is pretty tight. I’ll report back on the exact details. It’s sure to be fun once it all gets started. It’s the typical pre-event drag though.


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Imlay City Christian School Graduation

I had the pleasure of sharing in the graduation ceremony up at Imlay City last night. Below is the words that I shared with the graduates.


“Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13b-14

Personal story: My first little league homerun. Summer between 4th-5th grade. Late in the game, everything was in slow motion as I rounded the bases. After that, my confidence was so high that I was sure that each time up to bat I could hit a homerun. That confidence gave me freedom to be the best 5th grade 3rd basemen I could be.

Chapter 3 of Paul’s letter to the Philippians is all about confidence. Paul uses the word 3 times in this passage.

Where is your confidence today?

Paul gives us a clear indication of where our confidence belongs as Christians later in chapter he says our confidence is “in the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus” and “in righteousness through faith in Christ.”

But today, as we sit here celebrating the achievement of graduation from 8th grade, we are left with a lingering question:

Where is our confidence?

What does it mean to be confident?

Let me tell you. Graduates, be confident. Not in a rude way. Not to make yourself look better than you are, but be confident in Christ.

– In Christ, you are heirs. Through Jesus you are connected and associated with the King of kings and the Lord of lords. This is no lowly position.

– As believers, we know that we belong wherever we go. We don’t have to worry about what’s ahead of us… wherever we go, we belong.

– As you begin to look past your time here at Imlay City to your years in high school, you don’t have to be afraid. You can be confident in knowing that the same God who took care of you here will be with you forever. Knowing Jesus Christ as Savior gives you the ability to look at any situation or challenge and say

o I can win

o I am good enough

o I am loved

o My confidence is in Christ

The second part of this passage makes any sports nut happy.

– All throughout Paul’s letters we see illustration to sporting events.

– A lot of biblical scholars believe that Paul was either an athlete himself, or was an avid fan of sporting events.

– We see an illustration from running here. As we read his words we can visualize a race.

Paul says, “I press on….. towards the goal….. to win the prize!

I am here today to encourage you, to congratulate you, and to urge you.

Press on!

– Achievements and education don’t stop here… keep going!

– Never stop learning, serving, putting Christ number 1 in your life, allowing Jesus to use you as a person of influence in the lives of others!

Towards the goal!

– Not just the goal of a heavenly reward… there’s more to it.

– God has created the Christian life for us to live!

– John 10:10 says “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full!

– His desire for you is fantastic… go for it!

To win the prize!

– In Paul’s day, a runner won a medal or a crown maybe even some cash

– In today’s world, Christians press on to love God with everything we got, love our neighbors as ourselves and make disciples of all nations.

– In Christ, we press on to win the crown of righteousness and service.

Lastly, we are reminded of Paul’s command to press on.

Just press on, keep going, keep it up, PRESS ON until you get to the end and Jesus looks at you, he calls you by name, and he places the victor’s crown on your head and says, “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Well done.


thank you andrea

Been gone from the PC world for several days. It was actually refreshing to be away from all media sources Thu-Sat last week. I was oblivious to major news, even more so to the stupidity of regular television.

Thursday I woke up about 2 hours later than I wanted. I knew I was in trouble when I heard birds. I had hoped to leave the house for the golf tournament by 3:30 AM at the latest. I awoke at 5:03 in shear horror. I hadn’t set my alarm.

So, after setting the land speed record to Grand Rapids… 2 hours, I arrived to score the Pro-Am. The group I was paired with was really nice. There were some cool execs from some nameless company and my pro was John Mahaffrey. (My pro, as if I know the guy.) He was really nice, but a little reserved. The amateurs in the group were actually pretty good. I had a hard time not coaching the team as they needed some strategy help, but I just kept my mouth shut and recorded their scores.

Friday morning I arrived on the course and found out I was paired with Jim Thorpe’s group. That was tons of fun. He was a very nice man, he hit the ball a ton, and every time it looked like he was going to make a terrible bogey, he’d find a way to get on in regulation and get his par. It was very cool to see him win on Sunday.

One thing that was funny for me is that I didn’t realize that I’d have to actually sit across the table from the pros in the scorers tent and check their scores. I was more than a little intimidated when I sat down across from Thorpe and Sammy Rachels (who had just shot a career round 64.) Even the other guy, Walter Zembriski was intimidating for me. Thankfully we all had the right scores and it was over quickly. I got signed balls from all the guys.

I will be volunteering there next year, Lord willing. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. Morevover, I met some fabulous people.