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    No seriously. Gang, I need your help. My buddy Dave Palmer is in various levels of hell. First, he’s driving all of his families belongings and towing the family car from San Diego to Nashville in the middle of a heat wave. Second, the Uhaul truck he has rented can only be described in words […]

  • Sir, why are you irate? (My Google Saga)

    “Sir, why are you irate?” This was what Jonathan, a customer service agent in Google Montreal’s Google Apps call center, said to me this morning. Well Jonathan– allow me to tell you why I am irate with your company right now. One of your corporate values is Do No Evil. In fact, your founder has […]

  • Tractors Fly Free, Too

    My love for Southwest Airlines was reaffirmed last night.  I fly Southwest whenever I can. I love their easy ticketing, check in app, and seating policies. I love their amazing customer service. And I love their easy Rapid Rewards program for earning free tickets. Last week, I flew to Chicago to have some meetings, celebrate […]

  • Customer Service Matters

    When it comes to customer service, it matters. It is one of those things that I have always been quick to notice… and lately I’ve come across some amazing examples of it. In the past 30 days I’ve received remarkable, incredible, stellar…. unbelievable service from several companies I have new relationships with. Stunning! Observation: Start-ups […]

  • Maintaining Stellar Customer Service

    In the last 30 days I lead a big change in how we send emails at work. We ditched our old email delivery service for MailChimp. One small part of the decision was that MailChimp offered a better price. That was important– but the selling point for me was stellar customer service. There have been […]

  • Repairing a Wet iPod Touch

    Repairing a Wet iPod Touch

    The other day our youngest son had his mom’s iPod Touch with him as he headed to the bathroom. Resting the device near the sink seemed safe. That is, until he started washing his hands. Moments later he came back out and handed a soaking wet iPod to his mom. Fearing the worst we fired […]

  • Get Accessories for Less

    As I posted a few days ago our family got a new HDTV for Christmas. Since this was our first forray into HDTV, I didn’t have many of the cables I’d need to fully enjoy the full quality. Specifically, it left me with 3 problems I wanted to fix. First, I want to play Nintendo […]

  • Picasso Tapas in Hillcrest

    Last night Kristen and I discovered a fun little place in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego called Picasso Tapas. Walking around the neighborhood we settled there purely because it was busy when nothing else was. (Little travelers tip right there.) After wiggling our way past the door we found a nice seat and settled […]

  • A few new customer service annoyances

    It seems like every day I either have great customer service or horrible. Here are the last few that I’ve encountered. #1 Delta Airlines. To say that our flight from San Diego to Atlanta on Monday was a disaster is an understatement. We’re a family of four traveling together. Do you think you’d seat children […]

  • Fact check everything

    Sometimes we think that computers can solve all of our problems. Obviously, in this case the sign got printed because a person trusted that a computer had translated their business name into english correctly. There will never be a time when human touch isn’t needed to fact check the computers. Communication and commerce are simply […]