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Repairing a Wet iPod Touch

The other day our youngest son had his mom’s iPod Touch with him as he headed to the bathroom. Resting the device near the sink seemed safe. That is, until he started washing his hands. Moments later he came back out and handed a soaking wet iPod to his mom.

Fearing the worst we fired it up and were happy to see that it was still working. But on further inspection it was clear that there was some moisture under the screen.

Never fear, we have a fix for that! Actually, this works for iPods, cell phones, and pretty much any small electronic advice that’s a little bit wet. Put this tip in your arsenal.

Step One: Power off the device as soon as possible. For an iPod that just means shutting it down. But if it has a battery or is connected to a power supply… turn it off quickly!

Step Two: Dry it off as well as possible with what is visible to you. Don’t take anything apart. Don’t shake it. Just get it dry as possible with a towel.

Step Three: Wrap it in a paper towel and place it a ziplock bag. Don’t seal the ziplock bag! That’ll just make things worse.

Step Four: Place the bag in a window sill or on the dashboard of your car.

Step Five: Give it some time. A day usually seems to do the trick.

Step Six: Take it out of the bag and fire it up.

Typically, this process will remove moisture from circuitry. If it doesn’t fire up it’s safe to say that you have cooked a board or something like that. You can try the process again but if it doesn’t turn on at all it’s not looking good. For us, this process has fixed several phones and, we’re happy to report, removed moisture from mommy’s iPod screen.

What if this doesn’t work? If there is a major problem and this didn’t work I’d suggest talking to my friends at The Pod Drop. Seriously, these guys are better than Apple repair. Typically, Apple will just give you a new one and if isn’t under warranty they will tell you to buy a new one. I’ve seen it myself, the folks at The Pod Drop can bring back almost any DOA iPod. Even better, if they look at it and it can’t be repaired they will likely buy it from you for parts and apply that towards the purchase of a new one.



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  1. Todd Porter Avatar

    What do you do if you live in a cold weather state and it is winter time? Because neither the window sill or car dashboard will get warm enough, nor enough sunlight, to dry it out. I have heard of people putting them in their ovens, which is essentially the same thing.

    1. Leah Sanchez Avatar
      Leah Sanchez

      use ur hot ass breath, duh! jk use a heater or blow drier

  2. renee Avatar

    this happened to me with my ipod touch. i was near the sink and accidentally dropped into a soapy bowl of soaking dishes (we, alas, do not have a dishwasher). i yanked it out as fast as i could, but it seemed to be pretty much saved because of the belkin case i had it in.

    it isn’t a hard back case, but it appeared to be enough to soak most of it up.

    water *did* get inside, and i used a hair dryer on low heat.

    1. PersonYouDontKnow Avatar

      i read some comments somwher else n it said tht u shoodnt use a blowdryer cuz it mite mess it up n i dont kno if its on low it mite b fine

  3. Gman Avatar

    Reminds me of this episode of Dylan’s Couch

  4. kim Avatar

    i soaked my iPod touch and then plugged it up to my wall charger and I’m pretty sure i shook it a few times. is it ruined now?

  5. adam mclane Avatar

    kim, there is a big difference between a lil water got under the screen and dropping it in the toilet. Check with The Pod Drop, if anyone can fix it– it’s them. My wife actually just sent her iPhone off to them today… she broke her screen.

  6. kim Avatar

    yea i dropped it in the bathtub so its more than a little water but thanks i’ll check out The Pod Drop

  7. clarissa guajardo Avatar
    clarissa guajardo

    My friends little girl spilled water on my ipod touch and it was soaking wet. I dried it off and it was working fine intill a couple of minutes later. It started to act up the vloume was going up and it was turning off and on. Theres still water inside the ipod but the buttons work. Exccept the screen. This happend 3 days ago. What can i do to fix it??

  8. Joe A Avatar
    Joe A

    i was working on my Fantasy Football team and watching t.v. my ipod touch somehow fell off my couch and into a fresh beer i poured into a big glass (it was a light beer). it was submerged anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes. i am sick about it. i heard its good to put in some dry rice for a few days. anyway it could work after being socked for that long? or would it be better to wrap it in a paper towel and place it into a ziplock bag?

    1. looterman Avatar

      Was it domestic or import? I heard those chinese knock offs don’t do very well in domestic (american) beer but they hold up to any import beer on the market. Maybe you should change your brand of beer and……… by the way,…………………..

      Maybe you should try wrapping your head in a paper towel and place it in a ziplock bag then go get a life.

  9. adam mclane Avatar

    @Joe- I’d think that your touch is toast. If it was submerged for more than a second my guess is that you’ve got light beer all up in the electrical circuits. If the above trick doesn’t work, I don’t think there is much left to do. If you sent it into PodDrop they could probably get data off of it if you needed stuff from the hard drive.

    Dry ice is not a good idea. Actually, that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! It would remove some moisture but it would also EXPAND as water left, thus completely ruining the circuitry. Plus, pretty sure if you drop the LCD screen down to 300 below 0 you’re going to crack it.

    1. Hika Avatar

      He said ‘dry *rice*’ not dry *ice*. My iTouch got pretty wet yesterday, and I put it in rice, it works fine now.

  10. A.C Avatar

    About 3 Days ago, i accidentally dropped my iTouch in the toilet. i IMMEDIATELY took it out and began drying it with my hand towel. However, the batter was already on E when it fell in, so as i was drying it, i noticed that the screen light kept flickering and then it shut off.
    SO, i put it on the docking station to charge. The next day, it worked fine, however the luminescent light is completely DULL! what to do what to do?!

  11. Andrew Avatar

    renee: Any ensuing problems with your touch?

    Joe A: Did you ever get your touch working?

    adam: Joe said dry RICE, not dry ICE. Thanks for your blog, but a quick note: I’ve found that the phrase “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” can come off a bit rude.

  12. Joe A Avatar
    Joe A

    No, I never got it to work out. I did vacum it out and a lot of beer was pooring out. This was amazing to me. I kept it in Dry Rice ( NOT DRY ICE ) for a few days. Thanks Adam that was one of the “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” as well.

    I went to (test this browser and type in “Fall of the Republic” over a two hour video on YouTube. It’s a must watch and tell others to watch as well). It’s the world’s most privet search engine (like google and yahoo but more privet. Try using for 7 days and you will be hooked).

    Anyways, I typed in how to take a iPod Touch apart and you get a Youtube video or pages of pictures. I took it apart which is a scary thing to do, but the touch was already toast. Didn’t break the connector. Got a q tip or 2 or 3 and cleaned the screen as well as I could. Sent it in and got a new one for free. I lost everything on it but whatever. They do have a sticker on the inside that turns red when wet but they never checked. I just said I had it charging for a day which I did after I tried everything to revive it. And then said it still will not turn on which it didn’t because it was toast. But you don’t say everything just enough truth.

    That’s for everyones concerns

    watch Fall of the Republic- I just watched it and it makes you think!

  13. Ariel Avatar

    help me…my niece accidentlly spilled water on my ipod touch and i let it dry up in the sun at first then later on plugged it into the usb cord and it charged and then only showed the slide to unlock screen. If i touched it though it wouldnt move so i let it dry more but than when i tried to plug it into the computer it wouldnt work completely. what do i do?

  14. Joe A Avatar
    Joe A

    The last thing you wanted to do was plug it in. You might have fried it all together. A vacum is good, then put in the middle of some dry rice for a few days to make sure the inside is dry. If you don’t wait for it to dry you can guess what happens when you plug somthing in when it’s wet.

  15. mario m Avatar
    mario m

    this happened to me i was standing outside waiting for the city bus it was raining real hard i had no umbrella but my ipod touch was safe….so i thought….i go get some breakfast and i was going to turn off my ipod but the screen was socked from the rain. I wipe of the water and try to turn it off but when i try to slide it doesnt listen to me it doesnt register.

    I had to reset my ipod and just wait i tried turning it on the following day i got a response and then it gave up on me…idk what to do and i am really stressing out on this…got any advise or help????

  16. adam mclane Avatar

    @mario- I’d try the methods mentioned here in the post. If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to get it repaired. Whatever you do… DON’T PLUG IT IN!

    If the window or rice trick don’t work, contact

  17. shonda Avatar

    My daughter got her itouch for christmas. she thought she lost it in the house buit she lost it out side in the snow for two week and it started to rain last night and the snow melted on the way to school we foun it out side. it was soak and wet should we still try to dry it outand put it in a zip lock bag?


  18. adam mclane Avatar

    It is certainly worth a try. I would say your chances are 1:1000 that it’ll work though. Whatever you do, don’t try to turn it on.

    Wrap it up good in a paper towel, set it in the window sill for a few days (or somewhere where it will warm up but not freeze again)

    Then see if it’ll take a charge. Then try powering it up.

    Since water contracts and expands when frozen (this is what causes pot holes!) I’d say you’re not going to get it to work. That’s a lot like dropping it in the toilet and then throwing it in the freezer.

  19. Mike Avatar

    I just put mine on the heater for a day, and than in rice in a ziplock bag, about half way in the ziplock bag, for another day just to make sure. And it worked but never blow dry it, it causes water to spread, nor shacking it. And yes my idea dose work

  20. Sidney Avatar

    Well I was at my brothers hockey game with my friend and she went to the bathroom and her iPod just slipped out of her back pocket and fell in the toliet it has a lot of water in the screen we put it rice (minute rice or whatever it’s called) is minute rice ok in a ziplock bag and will her iPod ever work again

  21. adam mclane Avatar

    @sidney- a little bit wet, like it was on the edge of a sink and got sprayed, and submerged in a toilet are two different things.

    Whatever you do, let it dry in the method described above for a couple days. Make sure it is completely dry before trying to charge it or turn it on. (Like, give it a shake… does water come out?) It’s winter… you can also do the bag trick and place it near a heater. You just need dry heat to slowly evaporate the moisture.

    But a submersion is pretty much impossible. Sadly, I think you’ll be needing a new iPod. It’s worth a try to dry it out though.

  22. Ron Smith Avatar
    Ron Smith

    Here is an odd one. My daughter Touch was in her purse and she put a cup of tea in purse and it spilled. The tea spilled in puse and the touch got wet. She took out after about a minute or two. However it appears based on the comments above she may have done all the wrong things….tried a blow dryer and then when she got home plugged in. I will try the paper towel and ziplock, any chance it will recover?

  23. saitara Avatar

    i let my brother use my ipod and he forget my ipod was in his pocket so he washed his pants and notice my ipod was in his pants and i tried every thing but it dosent seem to work i put it in dry rice for a day i try to blow dry plug it up but the ipod seem to work but the screen dosent want to work if u have some helpful tips please let me know i am begging………..thxxks yaaaaaa

  24. Stacey Avatar

    Hi! My Itouch got wet when i had a water bottle that leaked in my purse ( bottle only in there for like 5 minutes) I have a case for it, both a hard shell and then one that you slide the ipod into it (like a sleeve)… i didn’t realize that it had damage until i tried to turn it on a few days later.. wouldn’t turn on.. reset it.. it turned on to show me the water behind the screen. Googled how to fix it.. saw the rice thing.. but the ipod won’t turn off now (i’ve read your warnings).. so… i’ve had it in rice the past few days, water seems to be drying out, but still won’t let me slide to power off… should i try to wrap in a paper towel in a baggie thing? Thanks!

  25. adam mclane Avatar

    It can’t hurt. It sounds like there may be a minor short in there. If this doesn’t work, give the folks at a shot.

  26. meghan hannah Avatar
    meghan hannah

    my itoch got soaked by a monster energy drink in my purse so what do i do please help

  27. adam mclane Avatar

    There’s a difference between a splash from a drink and submerged in a drink. If it got submerged in any way, it’s probably toast. You can try the technique I’ve listed above and it may or may not help. If it got splashed, I’d totally try the technique above. Chances are good that you can clean it up and it’ll go back to normal.

  28. Jennifer Avatar

    My son threw up on his Ipod touch, thats right, it was in his lap in the car and he got sick and threw up on it. My husband cleaned it off and didn’t give it another thought until about 45 min. later when he picked it up and it was scorching hot. It was powered off at that point, so he held it in front of the a/c vent in the car to cool it down. It does not work at all now. I’ve read about putting it in a bag of rice, so we are trying that, but do you have any other suggestions? Man I hate long car trips.

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      This is a bigtime “ew.” If the battery got super hot before you shut it off there is a good chance you’ve fried something. If the above didn’t work, I’d suggest sending it to If anyone can save it, and get the stink out, it’ll be them. At the very least… they’ll give you a few bucks towards a new one for the parts.

  29. chris Avatar

    Hi my girlfriend’s Touch was soaked in her bag where water spilled, its not submerged but water seeped into it..i’m seeing a hint of red inside the headphones jack. The touch can turn on but the screen is unresponsive when i try to slide to unlock it and it automatically turns on periodically, i’m currently testing out the methods given above. Does anyone have a heads up whether or not the touch will still work?

  30. adam mclane Avatar

    Until you dry it out, you won’t know. Give it a couple days. Chances are pretty good that it’s busted though. Electronics + liquid = bad…

  31. Alex Rollo Avatar
    Alex Rollo

    I have a 2nd Gen iPod Touch which keeps crashing in warm conditions. I tried an experiment by putting it in the freezer compartment of my fridge for a few minutes and hey presto, it switched on no problem, but then after it got warm again it switches off and often has great difficulty rebooting, with a yellow tinge appearing over the Apple logo. A couple of minutes in the freezer and it’s able to boot again. I have a small electric fridge which I place the iPod into and it allows me to do all the syncing I want. The minute I take it out and start using it in the warm again, it shuts down. Any ideas what the problem is and is there a solution to fixing this, maybe a heat paste or something?

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      I’m not positive. But it sounds very much like you have a bad battery. That heat is likely generated by a small electrical short and is very dangerous. The reason your iPod shuts off when it gets hot is to keep it from catching fire. I’d recommend contacting and asking them what it would cost to repair it.

  32. Alex Rollo Avatar
    Alex Rollo

    Hi Adam, thanks for your reply. It’s not the iPod which gets hot, it’s the outside temperature. Both when the weather gets warm and when it is used in a house with good insulation or central heating on. When used in my, usually cold office, it’s fine – or it WAS, but now shutting down more frequently – but then again, the summer weather may be the cause here too.

    Just found it strange when it works almost perfectly when it’s kept in the fridge, I can just see myself walking around with my 12v car battery strapped to one shoulder, powering my portable fridge on the other lol

    Because the iPod was bought cheap from eBay I don’t want to be spending as much as it would have been to buy a new one which is often the case when asking commercial repairers to look at it.

    Thanks anyway for your suggestion, be glad if you can think of anything else.

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      The case of an iPod is made of aluminum, which dissipates heat pretty well. For example, when I left my office yesterday I stuck my Macbook Pro in my backpack. For some reason it didn’t go to sleep and just stayed on. 4 hours later, when I opened my bag to check my email… the case was literally so hot I needed an oven mit to take it out of the bag. But 5 minutes later… it was cool to the touch. (And still working)

      Along the same lines, I was in Haiti last week and it was 115 F with a heat index much higher. No one had a problem with their iPod overheating.

      I really think you have a bad battery that is overheating. Since you bought it used, you don’t know if it has the original battery or not. You shouldn’t have to keep an iPod on ice to keep it working. It could be that the case is able to dissipate the heat fine while you are in air conditioning, but without that the heat of the malfunctioning battery takes over and shuts it down. Replacing the battery is fairly easy to do and batteries a cheaper than a new iPod. The flip side is that The Pod Drop actually pays decent money for older iPods which they use for parts. So if you contact them they may buy that old one from you in exchange for a newer Nano or something like that.

  33. Bryanna Avatar

    i left my i pod in my dad’s car but i didn’t know that he had old beer spilled i forgot about it for a few days and then when i found it, it was smelly and you could’t see the screen that well. what do i do?

  34. Private Avatar

    oops i did this really wrong i ddnt turn it off automatically n i shook it so many times i guess im a huge dummy for doin tht n i ddnt spill water i spilld iced tea is tht still mean the same thing? n i guess it seeped inside n its probly ruinin all the memory n my mom said i cnt get a new one onli to get it fixed i really hate myself this hppnd yesterday n i relli want it to b fixed. they say to vaccum it out but i dnt kno if thtll work pleeez help giv me tips save my ipod touch its not turnin on… :'(

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      Try the technique described in the post. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to have it repaired. Sorry! Electronics and iced tea just don’t mix.

  35. natalie Avatar

    my itouch got pretty much soaked when i forgot to cap my bottle in my bag, and the worse thing is that i didn’t even realise it a few hours later.
    i think i screwed up as i didn’t realise it was gone (the battery was already very low before it died) so i plugged it in, only to have nothing turn up on the screen
    i tried the blow-dryer method but it didn’t work, and i can’t head for the pod-drop because i don’t live in a country that has any of their outlets :/ thanks for the help! (:

  36. kaleb Avatar

    ok i jumped into a pond with my ipod touch and i swam for a minite than i took it out of my pocket and turned it on that night i put it on the charger and shook it it stiil did not work after a few weeks i gave up what can i do is it runned please help me!!!!

  37. Amber Avatar

    my friends and i were at school and we were hiding a Monster from the teacher and i put it in my bag and i took it out. the bottom of my books were wet and a few minutes later i wanted to listen to my itouch, but the touch screen wouldnt work. and i thought ‘Holy Crap my Ipod is dead’. we had to rub the screen a few times to get it to work, but it didnt work afterwards. now my mom says i’m an idiot and i cant listen to my ipod. did monster kill my ipod? 🙁

  38. Jiamin Avatar

    HELP! I was trying to remove some nail polish on my iPod Touch screen and got some water (just water) on it. I also did what most people would do, clicked the home button to see if it would work. It did but the back light kept going out on me so I plugged into my computer. That was all before I read online that you’re NOT supposed to do any of it. I’m so desperate now!! Do I just put the WHOLE thing or just the bottom part with the plugs and stuff in rice?

  39. eric Avatar

    i dropped mine in the sink and put it in rice and its sitting. but how long do i have to wait for it?

  40. HowJunction Avatar

    You’ve thrown your shorts into the washing pile and forgotten to remove your iPod from the pocket. Now it’s gone through the washing machine.

    You’re not the only one to have done this!

    Follow these steps to minimise the damage and get your iPod back up and running:

    1.First thing is do nothing! Do not turn your iPod on. Water within the iPod could well cause it to short-circuit, so the longer you can leave it to dry the better.
    2.If you have a protective case on your iPod take it off.
    3.Place the iPod in the airflow of a fan heater and set the heater temperature to low so that the air is pushed through the iPod. Test the surface temperature of the iPod to make sure it is not too hot! Fan dry for 1 hour.
    4.Place the iPod in a container of dry rice and place it in the hot water cupboard for at least 24 hours. The rice absorbs excess water. Remember to not turn your iPod on throughout the drying process.
    5.At the end of the drying process switch your iPod on. If you don’t get a response, place it on the charger and then retry.

  41. Mallery Avatar

    Acouple months ago my ipod was in my pocket and my brother an i were messing around an he punched my pocket where my ipod was an the screen cracked. Not entirely just some. It worked fine and everything. Today i get home and walk into the kitchen with my ipod in my hand it slips and lands frontways on the tile and it cracked in a different spot worse then the other crack. I need help /:

  42. Mallery Avatar

    Oh yeah its a first generation ipod touch.

  43. jamie brown Avatar
    jamie brown

    hello my name is jamie my husband was useing his i pod touch whille we were in a friends car aparently the floor bored was dame even just the moister from the floor caused the screen to go white what can i di i have tryed the vacume, rice, towl dring,and even left it sitting close to the heater vent help me i just bought it for him

  44. ana Avatar

    rice dont WORK people

  45. LyssaLynn Avatar

    my sister dropped my ipod into a cup of water and my om put it in a bag of rice…all the air sealed out. we checked it two days later and the screen is still like all black and theres moisture in the camera hole!! it wont dry!! help D:>

  46. Mikey Avatar

    what if you dropped it in water, but halfway, and it still works, screen the same, and you try to turn it off, and it won’t do it, cause the touch is messed up?

  47. Mikey Avatar

    what if you dropped it in water, but halfway, and it still works, screen the same, and you try to turn it off, and it won’t do it, cause the touch is messed up?!

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      Just to be sure I’d still do the drying procedure above.

  48. DIana Avatar

    HELP!!!!!!!!! What do you do when your ipod touch won’t slide to unlock? Nor when you double click the home button to press play or skip the song.

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      Have you tried turning it all the way off. I’ve sat at the genius bar getting something fixed before and just turning it off all the way fixes like 25% of the problems they deal with.

      1. eswizzledizzle Avatar

        Yeah I have the same problem, just…… HOW DO YOU TURN IT ALL OF THE WAY OFF WITHOUT A WORKING TOUCHSCREEN?

        1. Sparklycow Avatar

          Hold down both the home and lock button until the screen indicates that it’s shutting off (usually 15 seconds)

  49. eswizzledizzle Avatar

    Hey, I have an iPod touch and I was washing the screen off with a wet cloth, and I forgot to turn it off before I washed it, and so I pulled it out when I was done and (it was already on) it was still on, but the screen was really dark, then it spazzed out, went white for an hour or two, and then finally the screen got back to normal. The only problem being that the touchscreen doesn’t work anymore! I let it sit on a windowsill for a day-just not in a Ziploc bag, vacuumed it out without turning it on or anything, and then finally risked taking a look at it and unlocking it. The screen still didn’t work. Is there anything else I can do? Or is my iPod just stuck as is?

    P.S. I also turned it off and on again after I vacuumed it and everything using the old home/power button for 15 seconds trick and that didn’t work either. Thanks if you come up with anything that might fix it!

  50. DIana Avatar

    yes I have it still doesn’t work.

    1. eswizzledizzle Avatar

      Well just wanted to know if I could salvage it- I’m gonna get a new one in a few months, anyway, but I would like to have this ’til I get another one

  51. DIana Avatar

    You turn it off by pressing the home and the lock bottom until the “Slide to unlock” leaves.

  52. Tia Avatar

    I am trying the dry rice right now. We put my son’s Itouch in the house away from all the swimming children, but it somehow got water dribbled on it, and wouldn’t power up. I’m going to leave it in the rice for a few days. This method actually worked on my dad’s cell phone a couple months ago. He dropped his in a lake while fishing. It didn’t get put into the rice until later that night, but now works fine. I am hoping for the same results. I don’t think the warranty cover water. Please tell me if I’m wrong.

  53. DIana Avatar

    My ipod touch works now!

  54. Cyndi Hendry Avatar
    Cyndi Hendry

    My son left me a note with my wet IPod. The note read, Dear Mom, please don’t be mad. I dropped your IPod in the toilet. I am sorry. I thought, before or after he flushed?

  55. Cyndi Hendry Avatar
    Cyndi Hendry

    FYI, that one never worked again. Nor did I try to revive it. I have a new IPod now.

  56. guest Avatar

    i was walking in town today , and it was absolutely pouring it down, water must have got into my bag and all over my ipod and phone, my phone is still working but my ipod had turned itself off and was making a strange hissing sound, ive left it in a pot of dried rice for hours in hopes it will draw the moisture out , there doesnt seem to be water left in the screen but i am too scared to turn it on, i fear it may be completely broken :/ 

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      If it didn’t get soaked and you’ve left it off you might be OK. 

      I’d do the treatment suggest above and give it 24 hours to dry. (Sorry, wouldn’t take it to school.) 

      I keep an extra trash bag in my backpack for this very reason. When it starts to rain I make sure my electronics are wrapped up in plastic and inside my backpack just in case.

  57. Ishitarathee Avatar

    i dropped my ipod in a bucket full of water…..took it out immediately…but its showing problems…like opening up aaplications itself……what to do ????

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      If it was submerged… chances of saving it are slim. Try drying it out. But water & electronics don’t mix. 

  58. Bokadog14 Avatar

    This was good advise but I dont no what happened to my iPod

  59. Twolsleben Avatar

    My 3 year old son dipped my ipod touch in a cup of water. It was a quick dip and I dried it off with a towel. The screen wouldn’t respond to my finger trying to slide to power off. I have it wrapped in a paper towl to try and dry it. Do you think its saveable?

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      Power it down by holding the main power button for 10-12 seconds. Then try the method mentioned about. (Zip lock, paper towel, window sill) Give it 24-48 hours. There’s a big difference between a splash and a “quick dip.” Submersion is not good as it allows a whole lot of electricity to go where it isn’t supposed to. 

  60. cameron Avatar

    my screen wont let me turn off my ipod! and now what do i do? i cant get a new one

  61. Zain Nelson Avatar

    i was looking for bait in our back yard for about a half hour waist deep when i came home and realized i had my itouch 4th generation in my pocket i put in a bag of rice will it ever work again??!?!?!?!!?

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if it was submerged your iPod Touch is probably jacked. When it gets socked all the components short out and ruin it. If you don’t have a backup, there are services that can get your data, but you’ll probably need to buy a new one. Sorry!

  62. Qtip Avatar

    I left my ipod outside and it got wet, I turned it off and dried it and everything. It seemed to be alright but then the screen started to go white. It will be at random times and suddenly it will be back to normal but I don’t know for how long. The length of time the white stays varies. Is there a way to fix it?

  63. Gigi Avatar

    PLEASE HELP!!! my ipod touch got just a tad wet and the screen turned white! It still works because i can hear when i slide the bottom of the screen that click sound. But it’s just white. Idk what to do!! I tried rebooting it but it did not work. It did reboot but the screen was still white. I want to try the rice thing….. but has it really worked for anyone in my situation????

  64. Ali Avatar

    I left my ipod in the bathroom while taking a shower and the steam got into my ipod!! My camera (both of them) have water in it i dried the outer parts and put my ipod in a sealed ziploc bag full of rice…. Is it saveable????!!!???!!!

    1. Ishiana Avatar

      NO!!!! your not supposed 2 seal it it makes it WORSE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!

  65. Serto Avatar

    My iPod was in a bag when it started to rain with some water getting into the bag. It then went dead until I put it on charge (docking station not in wall) after drying with hands. It told me to sync while on charge then went dead again. No idea what to do!

    Please help.

    1. person Avatar

      i dropped my ipod in a community pool. and I didnt turn it off when i got it wet what do i do

      1. Adam McLane Avatar

        I’m sorry to say if it was submerged there is a very low chance that it’ll be OK. Check with the PodDrop… if anyone can help, it’s Bob and his team.

  66. Ashley S Dixon Avatar

    my charger was in the bathroom by the sink and before i knew it was moist i plug it into my ipod and it worked fine for a while now it powered off and won’t charge or power on what should i do

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      the charger got wet or the ipod? If it’s just the charger you should be fine drying it out via the method above… there’s no circuitry there.

  67. Megan Avatar

    so a day ago it was pouring outside and my ipod was in my backpack (in my pencil case) and i was drenched from walking from school to my house when i got home my ipod didn’t turn on the water only went through the sides of my ipod and it dosnt even look damaged im trying the rice trick but it hasnt been working! I REALLY NEED HELP ANY TRICKS OR TIPS?????

  68. Kayana Wolz Avatar

    Wht if u put it in rice?

  69. Abigail Avatar

    Hi! Thank you for this information. But it’s too late for me. I spilled a little water in my iPod Touch the other day, since i’m not techy.. I don’t know about that don’t-turn-on-your-iPod-when-it’s-wet thing. 🙁 when i turned it on (since i panicked), the screen were showing in strips, then it blinked on and off. Just today I knew that it must not be turned on.. Now my iPod is stuck, it can’t be turned on. 🙁 is there any method that i can revive my iPod back? 🙁 i really need my iPod.

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      @disqus_n9ItgKaO4e:disqus Its tough to know what’s wrong, exactly. Have you tried drying it out all the way? (Like the window sill trick?)

  70. gabriel Avatar

    Mines got wet and wont turn off!

  71. adri Avatar

    a friends child took my brand new ipod and threw it on the ground i need help as to where i can take it to be repaired in dublin asap i haven t even used it yet please help

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      I’m not sure where to go in Dublin. But many mobile shops offer a service to replace the screen if its cracked. Here in the states there are even services that come to your house to do the repair.

  72. mia singh Avatar
    mia singh

    my i pod dropped into some warm tea. im doing this zip lock bag trick but will it work ?? or just only for water ….

  73. cherobelle llido Avatar
    cherobelle llido

    My ipod fell in the pool but i forgot to turn it off, i got a blower to make it dry,it is still working but then it is black, i can see the screen but it is black if you look closely you can see the apps , what should i do?

  74. Nicole Vasquez Avatar
    Nicole Vasquez

    My iPod touch had been cracked & while I was taking a shower moisture got into the screen & it worked for a good three hours after then he crashed & I’ve had it in rice for about 6 hours what else can I do?

  75. Taia Avatar

    I was at Busch Garden with a few of my friends and they decided we should get on a water ride, I forgot my IPod was in my pocket, and it got wet, not too bad though, as soon as I got home I put it in rice, and it dried but when I went to plug it in, I got a message with a frowny face on it (I have a 5th Gen) I tried restarting it and everything I tried holding the play and center button, and the menu and center button, the I get a message on it saying don’t unplug but it’s not coming up on my laptop. What do I do??????

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      Maybe try the paper towel trick I mentioned above? If there’s any moisture left inside the case causing problems that’ll probably get it. Otherwise, I’m sad to say, it might be a goner.

      If the paper towel trick doesn’t work you’ll probably need to take it to a repair shop to see if anything can be done.

  76. […] Check out these tips to repair a wet mp3 player. […]

  77. […] Check out these tips to repair a wet mp3 player. […]

  78. […] Check out these tips to repair a wet mp3 player. […]

  79. JJ Treadway Avatar
    JJ Treadway

    Hey, Adam.

    On a Tuesday’s night, my ipod touch 4 gen got went while I was in the dishroom through my apron. It was only wet for a couple of minutes. And when I took it out and gave it to my friend who works with me too. She told me the screen automatically shut off and my power button on the top of my ipod doesn’t work, I got to get it fix soon, so I have some questions for you…does rice really work for ipod touch, If yes, how long should I leave my ipod in a bag of rice, should i just plug the charger on after a couple of days to turn it on, thats’s the only way I can turn it on???

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  81. […] Repairing a Wet iPod Touch – Adam McLane – changing the … – My friends little girl spilled water on my ipod touch and it was soaking wet. I dried it off and it was working fine intill a couple of minutes later…. […]

  82. Jacqueline Avatar

    I was removing finger nail polish and when I got done I left the liquid femover on the dresser I came back to pick up the remover but I accidentally nocked it over on my ipod only a little bit got inside of it what do I do

  83. Rj Avatar

    Hey I got my iPod wet a few or more months ago is it to late to fix it all it does is shut down wifi doesn’t work and time/date always wrong and every thing is broke is it to late?!?

  84. andrewsean7830 Avatar

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