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  • Progression of an Addiction

    Progression of an Addiction

  • Six new iOS apps I actually use

    I’m assuming you’re already using my 3 favorite apps, Evernote, WordPress & Dropbox. Here are sixapps I’ve started using recently that I think you should try out.  Wunderlist (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) – I’ve finally found a to-do list app that I love! It has a nice and simple interface, reminders, and syncs with all […]

  • POLL: Are you willing to pay to read news online?

    From subscription to free to subscription and back Quietly, newspapers are starting to charge online visitors subscription fees for full access to their sites. In just a few days, The New York Times, will noticeably switch from a free system to a 3-tiered pay system. I believe The New York Times Company, like Rupert Murdoch […]

  • Apple Friend Bar

    Oh. Ouch. This is close to home. And really funny.

  • Three New Mac Apps

    I’ve got three quick apps for the Mac to share. All of them are free , freemium, or stinking cheap. Maybe they will be useful for you, too? If you are anything like me– your work computer is a bit of a mess. I’ve got all sorts of work files mixed in with personal files, […]

  • Repairing a Wet iPod Touch

    Repairing a Wet iPod Touch

    The other day our youngest son had his mom’s iPod Touch with him as he headed to the bathroom. Resting the device near the sink seemed safe. That is, until he started washing his hands. Moments later he came back out and handed a soaking wet iPod to his mom. Fearing the worst we fired […]

  • How Apple Handles Viruses

    As a recent convert to Mac, I truly enjoy the simplicity of our computers. When I say “convert” I also mean that literally. We went all out. I have an iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro in my house.  With that many Macs in our house I try to keep up on the latest news. And […]

  • I love my Mac, but it’s not perfect

    In December and January our household made the move to Mac. It wasn’t any easy decision nor a cheap one. We moved to Mac because we wanted to… pure and simple. I am a power user as I do nearly everything on a computer… video editing, web design, desktop publishing, podcasting, graphic design, small business […]

  • Steve Jobs Keynote in 60 Seconds

    Imagine if we could do a sermon like this.

  • The Mac Switch Continues

    I was waiting until MacWorld to make a purchasing decision on my next laptop. And while Macbook Air is really cool it isn’t powerful enough for what I need. So, I went ahead and got this bad boy. It’s not the most powerful Mac, but I got a great deal on it and it is […]