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  • Repairing a Wet iPod Touch

    Repairing a Wet iPod Touch

    The other day our youngest son had his mom’s iPod Touch with him as he headed to the bathroom. Resting the device near the sink seemed safe. That is, until he started washing his hands. Moments later he came back out and handed a soaking wet iPod to his mom. Fearing the worst we fired…

  • Saturday Tunes

    It’s been a recovery week for me. A lot of extra rest and a lot of extra time spent with Kristen. Today is a continuation of that. Kristen is going off with a friend to La Jolla for a meeting and I’m chillaxing at home with the short people in my life. If we get…

  • Nerd love

    Dedicated to my wife, and fellow tech dork.

  • New toys

    Kristen got the new ipod touch. Adam got the new nano. (green) It’s was a good day. Now, what to do with our old ipod? It served us well for more than 2 years!

  • I could do that, it’s easy

    This week I’ve had a couple of people approach me about YMX. One said, “I thought about doing that but you just got to it first.” The other person said, “I thought about doing that but I just didn’t have the time.” Really, both are saying the same thing. I’ve heard it hundreds of times…