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  • Not like my dad

    I found out from my dad last night that he probably won’t be coming to our Thanksgiving feast. For the second year in a row he’ll chose to work overtime instead of spending the day with his grandkids. You know, it’s one thing to break a lifetime of promises to your own children, but it’s […]

  • The Megan Anthology

        Megan: 1 day old Megan: 1 years old Megan: 2 years old Megan: 3 years old Megan: 4 years old Megan: 4.5 years old

  • the last rose of 2005

  • Fragile Strangers

    Denise McKinney wrote an excellent article for Youth Worker Journal this month about foster care. As someone who grew up with no fewer than 4 foster children in her home, she experienced foster care from behind the front door. I found her challenge quite strong as she suggested a couple of things that could help […]

  • lightning strikes one of my friends!

    So I just found out one of my friends got hit by lightning while walking around at Roberts College. Two lessons to learn here… first, skip class on Wednesday’s. Second, don’t go outside with an umbrella for any reason other than golf. [Here’s the article] (Rochester, NY) 11/09/05 – Four women were struck by lightning […]

  • leaf blowing magic

    I picked up this little darling at Home Depot yesterday while shopping for something else. Oh yeah, much cooler than an old rake. So if you see a fat guy in his yard with millions of leaves flying… that’s probably just me.

  • let’s get sirius

    So yesterday I posted that I got out of the oil business. I still think it was a good call. I stuck to my target and got out when Grey Wolf hit my sell point. So, again I am taking Jim Cramer’s advice and backed up the bus to get me some Sirius satelite radio. […]

  • discipline issues

    There are a lot of places in my life right now that I am having discipline issues. The kids That’s right, my perfect children can be a royal pain in the neck. Now these are really good kids, don’t get me wrong… But sometimes a 4 year old and a 2 year old will drive […]

  • mi case es su case put to the test

    This weekend, I am in the Chicago area with some upperclassmen visiting Moody Bible Institute and Trinity International University. For LF, this is an annual thing. Yes, it’s become tradition. And there are lots of little traditions that go along with it. Such as, we take them to Irazu in Bucktown for an oatmeal shake. […]

  • picking fights

    Occasionally, my daughter will pick a fight with me. It’s kind of funny since she’s only 3, but she really does pick fights with me. Not the physical type, just what I call the "pissing contest." She will try to get her way. Even though she will know fully that I have no intention on […]