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  • Photos and Videos from Guatemala

    Photos and Videos from Guatemala

    I’m back home in San Diego now, arrived very late Friday night. While my bags are unpacked I’ll still have several more days of unpacking the experience. I’m finding myself going back to the trip journal to look for updates from the team. Yup, kind of jonesing to go back already.  Over the next couple…

  • Two Stories, One Story, Our Story

    Two Stories, One Story, Our Story

    Pedro We met Pedro completely randomly. I had a stomach ache, so sitting around the church was just a reminder of the discomfort I was experiencing. Rob and Ross, my compatriots and Praying Pelican staffers, were stir crazy. We decide to go for a little walk around the lake just to see what we could…

  • Photo gallery from Wednesday

    Photo gallery from Wednesday

  • A rant for those who are against short-term missions

    A rant for those who are against short-term missions

    I’m writing this post in the back of a minibus after a long day. After 10 minutes of initial chitchat the bus has fallen silent.

  • Nervous Energy

    Nervous Energy

    Nervous energy. I think that’s a good description for the weirdness of a travel day for every short-term mission team, especially high schoolers. I woke up this morning thinking of the youth leaders and their checklists. At this point, the day they fly, there isn’t much left to do. Count heads, reassure parents, and check…

  • Inside the Antigua Bubble

    Inside the Antigua Bubble

    I’ve been in Guatemala about two days now. Really, Thursday was just a travel day to Guatemala… Yesterday and today have been “in” Guatemala.” First Impressions Arriving was really simple. Just a short three hours from Dallas, the airport and finding my ride to Antigua was very simple. After about an hour drive I arrived…

  • Off to Guatemala

    Off to Guatemala

    Next week I leave for an 8 day trip to Guatemala. I’ll spend the first 3 days in the tourist town of Antigua where I’ll be exploring, learning about Guatemala’s history, and getting my bearings. Then on Sunday I’ll head to Guatemala City to meet up with a team from Praying Pelican Missions, I’ll be embedded with…