Inside the Antigua Bubble








I’ve been in Guatemala about two days now. Really, Thursday was just a travel day to Guatemala… Yesterday and today have been “in” Guatemala.”

First Impressions

Arriving was really simple. Just a short three hours from Dallas, the airport and finding my ride to Antigua was very simple.

After about an hour drive I arrived in Antigua, the tourist destination of the country. The hotel I picked, the Hotel San Rafael, is luxurious. It’s a giant house that has a handful of hotel rooms on the lower level.

Yesterday, I walked nearly the entire day. My hotel is right in the middle of everything, and after a 3 hour walking tour I got confident and started exploring. For someone who doesn’t really walk a lot every day this was quite a shock to the system… Between the miles of exploring the city and market areas and the cobblestone, my ankles and feet were really sore.

This morning, still sore, I went back to the market to explore some more… It’s really fascinating, there must be 500 vendor stalls where you can find anything from fresh produce to live chicks to used clothing.

The Bubble

Yesterday, my guide Alexander, shared how Antigua is a bubble. Because of the tourist industry there is low unemployment, high literacy rate, and relatively low numbers of children per family. But outside of the bubble of Antigua? The real Guatemala is another story… One which I’m intrigued to start telling in a couple days.

The Tourish Life

Tomorrow I cash in my luxury hotel for a room at a seminary back in Guatemala City.

I came a few days early for two specific reasons.

First, I have been too efficient. I fly in, do my thing, and fly out. Not only does that mean I don’t get to enjoy the awesome places I’m traveling, it means I barely know them.

Second, I’m aware of the words of pastors in Haiti where I’ve spent so much time. They IMPLORE visitors to not just come to their countries and work with the poorest of the poor. I am honoring them by seeing the best their country has to offer.

More to come… Looking forward to my transition from tourist to storyteller tomorrow.






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