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  • Are You Crazy?

    Last night at Light Force we asked the following 3 questions… Are you crazy enough to change the world? Are you crazy enough to believe the Bible is true? Are you crazy enough to change what you are doing to reach people? Call me crazy, but I hope they answer "yes" to all 3.

  • MainStreet Videos for August 2007

    Here’s a playlist of all the videos we produced for the last MainStreet.

  • Score!

    Last night’s MainStreet was a great success. It was our first "episode" of season 2 and we got it kicked off in style. Later this morning I’ll be releasing some of the videos on the website as well as on YouTube. Of course, the dunk tank was also dunk-o-rific as well.

  • A couple of things I am excited about tonight’s MainStreet

    There is still plenty of stuff to do. But tonight’s MainStreet is going to be HOT in more ways than just the outside temperature. Here are a few things I’m jazzed about for tonight. Dunk tank: Let’s get that out of the way… kids will get to dunk their favorite characters outside in a dunk…

  • When Goals Wake You Up

    A lot of people make goals and set benchmarks. I am the same way. No matter what area of my life, I hear a little birdie telling me "You need to get ____ done by _____ to know that you are accomplishing ____ goal." I’m not sure where it originated but I that little birdie…

  • Sex!

    College students talk about sex. Some interesting thoughts here. Some that are thought provoking, stupid, and… What do you think? HT to Jeremy DelRio

  • No Child Left Behind

    The United States Marine Corp has a motto that they never leave a soldier behind on the battlefield. In the same way, in every youth ministry interview I have been asked some variant of the question, "What would you do if you discovered that you’ve left a student at a location?" As a youth worker…

  • why bother changing?

    I’ve not heard this direct quote, but I’ve put it together enough to know that some people in Light Force are wondering "Why bother changing? We’ve got a good thing going!" It’s true. Light Force has gone fairly well. But I don’t think it’s gone well enough. Why bother changing?How do you know changing things…

  • 4 years ago

    I didn’t expect anyone to notice. Today celebrated 4 years of ministry at Romeo. In a lot of ways it feels like a lot longer than 4 years. It feels like I’ve always been a part of the church. That’s one thing this church is super good at, taking in new people and making them…

  • Light Force was fun!

    Last night was fun. The students who came were playful and engaging. We played a couple new games that went well. The new series kicked off just fine. Just proof that summer in Romeo can work.