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  • College Basketball Fever is Infecting the McLane Kids

    A proud day for daddy, yesterday. My kids are getting addicted to college basketball. All of them.

  • Football thoughts: Week 13

    Co-Champs of the Mountain West It’s hard to imagine that a team that started off so poorly could come back and win 9 games, capturing a share of the conference title. But that’s exactly what the Aztecs have done. Yesterday they went to Laramie, a place which is high altitude and butt cold, and got […]

  • Football Thoughts: Week 12

    Irish Eyes Pinch me. That’s how I felt last night as a madly switched between ABC & ESPN as Oregon and Baylor folded. Going into this season I never thought Notre Dame had a shot at a national title. I didn’t even let myself think they had a realistic shot at a BCS game, though […]

  • Football Thoughts: Week 10

    Um, WOW. That about sums up my thoughts for week 10 of college football. Let’s start off in two obvious places for me. Notre Dame beat Pitt to go to 9-0. If you watched this game you know how ridiculous it was to get an Irish victory. It had all the ingredients of an upset […]

  • Football thoughts: Sixth Edition

    Oh baby! Week seven was full of drama as the top teams jockey for all-important position in the first BCS rankings this week. There were significant tumbles at the top as the rest of conference play begins the shuffling which will eventually result in bowl play. Notre Dame Finally. The Irish proved they could slug […]

  • Football Thoughts: Fifth Edition

    Where do we begin? League play took hold this week and we’re starting to see the legitimacy of the contenders. Just like in basketball, the non-conference games can give false positives for teams because they’re playing in weird places, staying in weird hotels, and playing teams they don’t normally play. But when you head into […]

  • Football Thoughts: Fourth Edition

    This season is beginning to take shape. Some teams are exactly who you thought they were while other teams are emerging for breakout years. Here’s a quick rundown of what I saw and what I think headed into mid-season. Notre Dame For the second week, the SDSU home game start time prevented me from watching […]

  • Football Thoughts – Third Edition

    A big, fun day in college football yesterday. With a week or so left in non-conference play the match-ups are getting better. And Saturday saw a big round of upsets… something which always adds some fun and makes the college game unique. The Aztecs With temps well over 100 the past few days fans stayed […]

  • Football Thoughts – Second Edition

    It’s week one of the NFL season. As a college fan, the only thing I like about the NFL is seeing where my favorite college players have ended up. It’s exciting to see that Miles Burris will be starting for the Oakland Raiders today as a rookie. Here’s what I saw in week two of […]

  • 4-0 Sports Day

    I’m in full-on sports heaven lately. And yesterday was a prime example… my teams went 4-0 on a single Saturday. Football Notre Dame vs. Maryland – When the best thing the media can say about your team is the ugly uniforms… you know your season is bad. And that’s the case fro Maryland. This was […]