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  • College Football Thoughts – Week 6

    College Football Thoughts – Week 6

    Let’s start by offering a tip of the cap to Charlie Weis. Charlie is still getting paid by Notre Dame about $5 million per year through 2015 and after getting fired; on Sunday he got fired from Kansas with 2 years left on his $2 million per year deal. In other words, he’s getting paid…

  • College Football Thoughts – Week 5

    College Football Thoughts – Week 5

    Last weekend was the “big upset that wasn’t” weekend. Auburn, Alabama, Florida State, and Oregon all had near misses. In fairness, the Alabama game wasn’t that close at the end but Florida sure had them nervous in parts of that game. And let’s all admit that every non-Alabama fan wants to see them drop 4…

  • College Football Thoughts – Week 4

    College Football Thoughts – Week 4

    It’s hard to believe that the first quarter of the college football season is already in the books! It’s a reminder that the senior league (aka NFL) drags on ad nausaem whereas every game counts in college. San Diego State Last week was their bye. This Saturday they play their toughest opponent of the year,…

  • College Football Thoughts – Week 1

    College Football Thoughts – Week 1

    A new season has dawned in college football. Off-season storylines fade into the past as new storylines emerge on the field. All of the hype about who is the best without playing a game gets set aside now that we’re at full-contact and full-speed. Some questions going into the season: Will Florida State maintain? Will…

  • College Football Thoughts – The Bowl Predictions

    2013 was a memorable season. Without a truly dominant team we were all left to wonder who’d survive to the national championship. Outside of a few Alabama fans, everyone in the country thinks Florida State and Auburn are the two teams most deserving to play for the the trophy. Meanwhile, nearly half of the schools…

  • College Football Thoughts – Week 14

    If there is any doubt that college football surpasses the NFL in the psyche of the American people, all doubt was set aside yesterday as CFB experienced it’s most exciting Saturday of the season. 4 of the top 25 teams fell to lesser opponents including 2 of the top 5 in Oregon and Baylor. San…

  • College Football Thoughts – Week 10

    November in college football. It’s a glorious thing. Teams are at their best, the air is cooler, and the games are all the more meaningful. Yesterday only disappointed in that it didn’t provide that signature upset finish. Sure, there was Nebraska’s hail mary. But let’s be honest in acknowledging that outside of Omaha that game…

  • College Footbal Thoughts – Week 6

    San Diego State Friday night on ESPN… this was the second national TV game for the Aztecs, and an opportunity for the country to see us play against more realistic opponent in Nevada.

  • College Football Thoughts – Week 5

    Yesterday was my last Saturday before about 2 straight months of travel. So I did what any  good college football fan would do… watched 9 hours of ball.

  • College Football Thoughts – Week 4

    We’re 4 weeks into the season and this is my first post about college football. I guess that shows the priority I’ve been giving college football?