College Football Thoughts – Week 10


November in college football. It’s a glorious thing. Teams are at their best, the air is cooler, and the games are all the more meaningful.

Yesterday only disappointed in that it didn’t provide that signature upset finish. Sure, there was Nebraska’s hail mary. But let’s be honest in acknowledging that outside of Omaha that game had little impact on the national landscape.

San Diego State

Our family has State games down to a science. We head about a couple hours before the game, get some grub in the Champions tent, then play a little in Aztec Village, before heading into the Q.

It’s all a little too routine. Without an on-campus experience, without a legitimate fan experience, and without a dynamic product on the field, my family is quickly losing enthusiasm for going to games.

It’s not just my family. It’s the whole stadium. The team we have is lacking something… maybe it’s personality? Maybe it’s a killer spirit? And maybe it’s a defense that gives up an average of 17 points per 4th quarter.

So the Aztecs held on last night for the win. But they are holding on to something else much more precious by a thread that I just don’t think this Rocky Long crew can provide. The attention span of their fans.

Notre Dame

Speaking of mediocrity on the defensive side of the ball, Notre Dame edged a victory from Navy with a total of 3 stops of defense. While it made for a fun “who haves the ball last will win” game, Notre Dame should have beaten them by 20+.

The offense played very well. And the defense… is the reason they are #24 and not #15.

It all goes to show what a leader Manti T’eo was for the Irish last year.

If Notre Dame manages to win out, they are destined for a BCS bowl game. That said, I think we’re headed for a loss against Stanford and a forgettable bowl match-up thanks to our new ACC affiliation.

Elsewhere in College

My Michigan fan friends always hate it when I pick their team to lose. But, in the case of the Michigan State game, it wasn’t as much of a stretch to pick Sparty and it was when I correctly picked Penn State. The Spartans have a great defense and Michigan has consistently struggled to move the ball. That was on full display for the entire game in East Lansing yesterday. Michigan State looks like it is on a collision course with Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game… That’s the best case scenario for an otherwise weak Big 10.

Meanwhile, Michigan fans will once again pack their 8-4 team up to head to Orlando or Tallahassee for a bowl game named after an auto parts company. I think Hoke guides them to a loss this weekend against the Huskers, the rumors start flying, and the end of the Brady era happens in the locker room on November 30th after they are annihilated by about 50 on national TV by the Buckeyes.

How about the ACC? While the SEC is still rolling and smoking it’s own special brand of crack, the ACC has produced some of the best teams in the country. Florida State absolutely spanked Miami in an exhibition of new conference power. I’ve watched several ACC games this year, and while I don’t have a natural affinity to any of the teams in the league you just can’t argue that this is a league on par with the SEC. At least the ACC schedules decent non-conference opponents.

BCS Mess

If you haven’t noticed, there are like 9 teams that are unbeaten. We’ll have 3-4 unbeaten teams going into January… so the one thing the BCS was supposed to solve, it won’t solve.

Can we get a 16 team tournament, pretty please?


Week 10: 12-2

Overall: 61-28

National Championship Prediction: Alabama versus Oregon

Week 11 Predictions

Notre Dame @ Pitt – Irish

San Diego State @ San Jose State – SDSU

Oklahoma @ Baylor – Bears

Oregon @ Stanford – Ducks

Va Tech @ Miami – Va Tech

Auburn @ Tennessee – Vols

K-State @ TTU – TTU

Penn State @ Minnesota – Gophers

Nebraska @ Michigan – Nebraska

MSU @ Texas A&M – MSU

BYU @ Wisconsin – Wisconsin

NC State @ Duke – Duke

LSU @ Alabama – The tide are rollin’

Fresno State @ Wyoming – Fresno



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  1. Todd Porter Avatar

    No way is Brady fired this season. He has some of the top recruits coming next year and the year after. He is doing his best with the leftovers from RichRod. Although I fail to understand why he doesn’t bench Gardner and let Shane Morris play other than Shane must just not be ready yet. Certainly the O-line is not ready for a drop back passer.

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