25-0, Aztec Fever Spreads

On Monday, I asked Kristen what she thought we should do about the Aztec game on Tuesday night since it was scheduled to tip at 8:00 PM, Jackson’s bed time. You’ve got a streak going. It’s for a championship. And it’s New Mexico. He has a minimum day on Wednesday, he can catch up on…… Continue reading 25-0, Aztec Fever Spreads

Aztec Fever

Objectively speaking, we’re the best team in the country. I’ll fight you on that. Senior transfer Yanni Wetzel agrees: https://twitter.com/missrupp/status/1218735023446089728 It’s been quite a week on Montezuma Mesa at San Diego State University with the men’s basketball program holding the #7 spot in the AP rankings for the second straight week, defeating both opponents, and…… Continue reading Aztec Fever

Map Bros

Two teams are undefeated. And two fan bases are bonding over their shared undefeated streak. It all started on Reddit. Reddit user /jloose128 creates a number of maps for the College Basketball season around the concept of imperialism, you know… the best part of American history. [Said with sarcasm turned up to 11] But the…… Continue reading Map Bros

Aztec Dreams at 15-0

The San Diego State men’s basketball team now stands at 15-0. They had a tough non-conference schedule, won ’em all. After a nearly fatal collapse against lowly San Jose State, they’ve beaten 4 conference opponents in a row. Experts say that the Aztecs will be favored in every game between now and March Madness, their…… Continue reading Aztec Dreams at 15-0

Malachi Flynn is a Villain

Malachi Flynn stole that game from the lowly Spartans. And it was sweet. I’ve been to a lot of Aztec games over the years. But this is the first time that I can remember a game winning buzzer beater. These Aztecs have us dreaming about March even though its December. https://twitter.com/mclanea/status/1203798066706337792

Aztec Frustrations

Driving back from Las Vegas a couple weeks ago– the Aztecs were 6-0, ranked 18th in the nation, and favored to win all their remaining games. The bandwagon effect was in full swing. 49,000 fans filled the artist formerly known as Qualcomm Stadium (Now SDCCU Stadium) the next Saturday. And Boise State blew them out.…… Continue reading Aztec Frustrations

College Football Thoughts – Week 2

Last weekend was wild. From start to finish we had bowl quality games. It was a great weekend for college football. Last weekends highlight? Jackson (5) and I got to go on the field at halftime of the Aztecs game. Very cool, thanks again Aztec Club! https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ6uZ4qB6QB/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ6tIs0B7BQ/ And this weekend? Not so much. Pretty…… Continue reading College Football Thoughts – Week 2

College Football Thoughts – Week 1

Here we go again. Minus a bit of a novelty game last weekend between Cal and Hawaii in Australia this weekend should be an amazing beginning to the college football season. Sure, there are some powder puff games but there are tons of heavy hitters that should make for some good television viewing. Storylines I’m watching Conference…… Continue reading College Football Thoughts – Week 1