Map Bros

Two teams are undefeated. And two fan bases are bonding over their shared undefeated streak.

It all started on Reddit. Reddit user /jloose128 creates a number of maps for the College Basketball season around the concept of imperialism, you know… the best part of American history. [Said with sarcasm turned up to 11] But the general idea is that he uses some calculations to update the map with your teams colors based on criteria like “undefeated team in conference play” or “teams without a division 1 win.”

But his “Closest Undefeated Team to Each US County” map has kind of become a thing here in San Diego.

It’s also become a bit of a thing for Auburn fans.

And since San Diego State doesn’t play Auburn, has not played them in recent memory, nor is likely to play Auburn any time soon… each respective fan base has begun to watch the other teams games because, selfishly, they’d like to see that map go coast-to-coast, and be the last remaining undefeated team.

Protect the Map

With 300+ teams eliminated from the map, the map only really matters to Auburn and San Diego State fans. (And at least one coaches wife in Jan Dutcher.)

Aztec fans keep an eye on Auburn’s schedule and visa versa. And in the weird place that is Reddit, the fan bases have fostered a bit of camaraderie with friendly bantering.

As Jackson (age 8) and I go to Aztec home games we find ourselves talking about the streak more and more. One thing we’ve been talking about is that if the streak keeps going, things just will get crazier and crazier at games. As we saw that last night against Boise State. Never mind that the Broncos are pretty mediocre this year. Our national ranking and undefeated streak has once again made Viejas Arena the place to be for sports fans in San Diego. Sold out earlier in the week, student tickets were selling for $100 and good seats on Stubhub were in the $150 to $200 range. For a college basketball game, in Southern California, in early January.

If it extends a few more games things will get even more nuts! I keep telling Jackson that if we go undefeated for the regular season the entire country will take notice. It’ll be a big thing.

At last nights game, with the biggest and most energetic crowd in a few years, the Aztecs put a thumping on Boise State early and the game was never seriously in doubt.

Which is good, because every Aztec fan knew that Auburn had defeated Georgia earlier in the day.

The Tigers protected the map. And so did the Aztecs.

And that’s why it was so hilarious and fun when the student section, with about 2 minutes left in the game, started chanting “We want Auburn“.

Map Bros

And so, as the internet sometimes does, Auburn fans and Aztec fans have formed a kinship with one another. A brotherhood. We are map bros.

Both teams fans obviously want their team to be the last undefeated team. But both teams fans would be perfectly OK to continue their respective magical streaks right through to an unlikely match-up in the NCAA tournament.

And what’s great about college basketball fandom is that it’s perfectly fine to dream right now. Heck, if you can’t dream about winning it all at 17-0 when are you allowed to dream?

Both of our teams fanbases have every right to be dreaming. We’re both ranked in the Top 10, we’re both highly likely to be well-seeded in the NCAA tournament. And you know what? An Auburn versus San Diego State clash of unbeaten teams would be really, really fun.

We’ll bring the tacos. They’ll bring the sweet tea.

Let’s meet in Atlanta.






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  1. Stuart Harris Avatar
    Stuart Harris

    Go Aztecs and War Eagle. May we meet on the Court of Valor in March.

    1. Jerry Waldron Avatar
      Jerry Waldron

      Best of luck to both teams and coaching staff! From an Aztec for Life!

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