Aztec Fever

Objectively speaking, we’re the best team in the country. I’ll fight you on that.

Senior transfer Yanni Wetzel agrees:

It’s been quite a week on Montezuma Mesa at San Diego State University with the men’s basketball program holding the #7 spot in the AP rankings for the second straight week, defeating both opponents, and — oh by the way — delivering the final Environmental Impact Report for the new Mission Valley Campus which will catapult SDSU into one of the premier public universities in the state of California for the next 100 or so years.

Let’s be honest. Everyone hates Bama. Amiright, Auburn fans?

We Will Miss You, Map Bros

Unfortunately, our map bros over at Auburn had the opposite week we had. First, they were beat up on by cross-state rival Alabama. And then Florida took them to the woodshed.

Rather than kick the old War Eagle when it’s down I want to offer my sincere appreciation to Auburn fans with whom I’ve enjoyed great camaraderie with as fellow map bros the past few weeks. Let’s hope that this week is a bump on the road as they work their way towards the NCAA tournament. I sincerely intend to bring tacos (and you bring the sweet tea) when we meet in the Final Four in Atlanta this April.

Hats off to a great fan base.

Aztec Fever

San Diego State Aztecs advance to 19-0 on the season
San Diego State Aztecs advance to 19-0 on the season

T-shirt sales are way up in San Diego. Talk to anyone in town and they watch every game on TV. The bandwagon is filling up and we couldn’t be happier. But let’s be honest, that t-shirt still has a crease in it and the receipt from the bookstore is in your pocket and we have the world’s worst media rights deal so most of our games have streamed on Facebook like a midwest high school football game.

But, alas. Who cares? We’re 19-0 and there’s tons of room on the bandwagon for everyone. It’s said that San Diego is a crappy sports town — and I think that’s largely true — but no place is as fun when a team is good as San Diego. We’re the Bandwagon Fan Capital of the World!

I’ve been a season ticket holder for 8-9 years now and let me tell you… it’s fun when this happens. The past few years haven’t been fun. I had a hard time even getting my own children to attend Aztec basketball games as they always seemed to manage to beat Gonzaga but follow it up by losing to Southeast Arkansas State Dental College of the Blind. Nothing was quite as embarrassing as taking my sports loving mother-in-law to see the Aztecs get blown out, at home, by an Ivy League team named after a color.

All that to say that this streak is extra fun to those fans who wear sun tattered Hawaiian shirts, too. Last night I saw a grown man in good seats wearing red & black overalls and a red wig. That man is probably a dentist but on Saturday night he set aside his drill to come to Viejas and get crazy. Amen and amen.

Whether you just bought a t-shirt at Target on the way to the game or you pulled out that red & black polo shirt from the back of the closet– the one you took to an embroiderer in Santee to add the SDSU logo on during the George W. Bush administration… this streak is for you, too.

Let’s keep it going, let’s get crazy. And let’s keep our players ears ringing.

Keep winning and they’ll be selling officially licensed Aztec ear protection in the concourse for $12.

I’ve got a fever. And the only cure for that fever is MORE AZTEC.





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