• Map Bros

    Map Bros

    Two teams are undefeated. And two fan bases are bonding over their shared undefeated streak.

  • Aztec Dreams at 15-0

    Aztec Dreams at 15-0

    The San Diego State men’s basketball team now stands at 15-0. They had a tough non-conference schedule, won ’em all. After a nearly fatal collapse against lowly San Jose State, they’ve beaten 4 conference opponents in a row.

  • Aztecs Now 12-0

  • Two San Diego State Universities: The Power of Winning

    Two San Diego State Universities: The Power of Winning

    I’m new to State. I moved into the College Area in 2008 and quickly adopted them. I’m not an alumni. I didn’t grow up in San Diego. They are just the school that’s near my house and I enjoy going to football and basketball games.

  • Outsmarting Your Opponent

    Rocky Long is crazy. Yesterday, he told reporters that as head coach of the San Diego State football team he is planning on always onside kicking and always going for it on 4th down. Rocky Long is genius. By telling his opponents he is not going to traditionally kick the ball off and not planning…

  • Tim Shelton Uses His Influence for Good

    When my family moved into the College Area 3+ years ago we had no idea how much impact San Diego State would have on us. We just knew that we were going to embrace SDSU because it was the neighborhood we live in and we always have hopes of being Good News wherever we live.…

  • Huge Win for San Diego State!

    This is our families first year as season ticket holders for men’s basketball. Yesterday was, by far, the highlight of that experience so far. We made it to Viejas about 12:05 PM for a 1:00 PM tipoff. And there were already lines to get in, the student section was 90% full, and about 50% of…

  • SDSU Aztecs Basketball Preview

    I missed the two exhibition games. (Which makes me a bad season ticket holder) That said, Megan and I made it to the season opener last night at the Viejas Arena. Bryant College wasn’t exactly a great opponent, which was good because the Aztecs weren’t really ready to play. The first half was defined by…

  • SDSU vs. Texas Christian University video

    First, a patriotic start. Then we honored Marshall Faulk as the team took the field Then, the game started and SDSU laid an egg TCU marched down and got a field goal. SDSU got the ball back and due to a penalty drove it to the red zone, before botching a field goal attempt. They…

  • San Diego State beats Washington State

    I took Paul to tonights game between SDSU & Washington State. Here are a random list of highlights. College football is officially “our thing.” Paul & Megan are really into going to the games with me. The game day experience always includes a trip to Rite Aid (to score candy/snacks) and a ride on the…