Kawhi Leonard’s back story

http://youtu.be/wAJh9CNbzx0 It’s one thing to know about this young man’s power on the basketball court. It’s another thing to examine Kawhi Leonard’s story behind the drive, talent, and desire to succeed. One amazing byproduct of this amazing season for SDSU is that stories like Kawhi’s get told. As the video above shows, he’s more than…… Continue reading Kawhi Leonard’s back story

Basketball fever

I’m an Indiana kid. Growing up, I played 21 from the time the neighbors driveway thawed until school started. Sometimes dozens of games per day. Not to sound like a John Cougar Mellencamp song, but we played until our fingers bled. Then we’d have lunch and play until it got dark. Where I went to…… Continue reading Basketball fever

Date night with the kids

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_FfHA5whXc Kristen hosted a girls night for the ladies of our community group. So Paul, Megan, and I disappeared and went to see Toy Story 3. One thing I haven’t adjusted to about Southern California living is how expensive the movies are. I still grimace at paying $11.50 for an adult and $8.50 for a…… Continue reading Date night with the kids

Finding a church home: Kaleo Church

Our first stop on the search took us to Kaleo Church that meets at the AMC 20 in the Mission Valley Mall. Obviously, this being the first one we’ve visited it was pretty high on our list of places to explore. And we weren’t disappointed. Parking is a non-issue obviously. The location is easy enough…… Continue reading Finding a church home: Kaleo Church