Kawhi Leonard’s back story

It’s one thing to know about this young man’s power on the basketball court. It’s another thing to examine Kawhi Leonard’s story behind the drive, talent, and desire to succeed.

One amazing byproduct of this amazing season for SDSU is that stories like Kawhi’s get told. As the video above shows, he’s more than just a phenomenal NCAA basketball player. He’s a young man with a developing story of overcoming major life obstacles to now be just steps away from the pinnacle of college sports.

Bring on March Madness!

Bonus– Here’s a pre-game video of the student section:






4 responses to “Kawhi Leonard’s back story”

  1. aaron Avatar

    What are they saying in the video. i can’t make it out.

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    The chant goes like this:
    leader: I
    crowd: I
    leader: I believe
    crowd: I believe
    leader: I believe that
    crowd: I believe that
    leader: I believe that we
    crowd: I believe that we
    leader: I believe that we will win!
    crowd: I believe that we will win!

    This typically happens right before the tip off. As you can see in the video, the end of it leaves the whole place in a frenzy. No one sits down until the Aztecs score. (students never sit)

    There are 4-5 other traditions that are super fun in the Viejas Arena.

    Actually, my favorite 2 things this year were:
    1. The celebration of DJ Gay. With a last name like Gay, I can’t imagine he’d ever have dreamed that a 12k screaming fans would chant D J GAAAAAAY. But that’s what happens when he scores.
    2. When the Aztecs press the crowd does this “woooo” thing. People from all over the arena do this little high pitched “wooo” and it makes it feel like you are in a bees nest.

    The signs and all the fun have been a blast to watch. My favorite part of the whole thing is how much the opposing teams like it, too. They are into it. And they have regularly stopped by the student section to give high fives at the end of the game. The SDSU student section is the best there is. (Well, at least on the West Coast.)

  3. Paul Avatar

    Hadn’t seen that video. He seems like a great kid, and I love to watch him play. He rebounds so hard.

  4. adam mclane Avatar

    All I know is that if the NBA doesn’t work out, he could probably give Marvin Gay a run for his money with that low voice.

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