Date night with the kids

Kristen hosted a girls night for the ladies of our community group. So Paul, Megan, and I disappeared and went to see Toy Story 3.

One thing I haven’t adjusted to about Southern California living is how expensive the movies are. I still grimace at paying $11.50 for an adult and $8.50 for a child when in Michigan it was a whole lot less. And a lot of the major theaters don’t even have matinees! Seriously, what is up with that?

To express my inner-cheapskate, we went to Rite-Aid in our neighborhood and bought movie snacks to eat on the way to Fashion Valley Mall. By the time we got to the movies we were hopped up on sugar and ready for the flick.

As for the movie– it was great. I don’t know how they managed to keep both the Toy Story (and Shrek) franchises going so strong. The plots and the quality of animation just keeps getting better.

I don’t think the movie was the point of the night any more than loading everyone up on sugar. It was just nice to get a few hours to relax and laugh with my kids.

I relish that.

In other news. A new round of college guys are moving in across the street. With school at SDSU about to kick off another year, people watching is back!






3 responses to “Date night with the kids”

  1. Todd Porter Avatar

    Movies here in Cincinnati are more expensive than they were in Michigan and they just started having matinee prices about a month ago. The matinee prices still aren’t that much of a bargain, but it is better than nothing.

  2. RJ Grunewald Avatar

    It’s $10 at the AMC around here, although if you go during the week it’s like only $5.

  3. Johnny Carson Avatar
    Johnny Carson

    Costco….2 tickets to any Regal Cinemas for $15. Absolutely no restrictions. And if you want to see a flick in an Regal Imax….it’s only 2 bucks more. Relatively, its a steal.

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