New SDSU Commercial

I’m not an alumni of San Diego State. But I am a neighbor and fan. I love the winning attitude you feel when you walk around campus.

On a campus of 20,000 people it might not feel like you can make a difference. But 12 guys on the basketball court and 50 guys on the football field have helped bring a new level of pride on campus that wasn’t there 3 years ago when we moved in.

Winning changes everything. 





2 responses to “New SDSU Commercial”

  1. Alon Banks Avatar

    As a past SDSU student and athlete when Marshal Faulk was there, this amount of enthusiasm hasn’t been around for a long time. There was nothing like The Show last year at the basketball games. We have yet to attend a football game this year but are looking forward to it.

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      They’ve sold 52k tickets for tomorrows game vs. Washington State. When I first got my season tickets there might be 25k at a typical game. That’s crazy.

      It is really fun, BTW. And pretty cheap. We take the trolley down there. And the best part? You can bring all the food in you want. So we usually load up on the way over with dinner and bring empty water bottles. I rarely buy something from the venders. It’s a cheap/fun date with my kids. And tomorrows game has the big ole firework show!

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