SDSU vs. Texas Christian University video

First, a patriotic start.

SDSU vs TCU pregame

Then we honored Marshall Faulk as the team took the field

Then, the game started and SDSU laid an egg

  • TCU marched down and got a field goal.
  • SDSU got the ball back and due to a penalty drove it to the red zone, before botching a field goal attempt.
  • They woke up from their slumber in the 3rd quarter and brought the game to 20-14 at the beginning of the 4th quarter.
  • Then… Ryan Lindley showed why he will be playing in Canada next season and not the NFL. He telegraphed a couple of passes directly to TCU players, pretty much securing a loss.
  • TCU dominated our defense for most of the game on 3rd down. I think they had 11 third down conversions in a row.
  • Mix that stat with 4 turnovers and you get a loss every time.

That said, Megan and I had a good time. The stadium felt great with 44,000+ fans. I’m sure that will drop for the next game vs. Wyoming though. We shall see.






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