Aztec Dreams at 15-0

The San Diego State men’s basketball team now stands at 15-0. They had a tough non-conference schedule, won ’em all. After a nearly fatal collapse against lowly San Jose State, they’ve beaten 4 conference opponents in a row.

Experts say that the Aztecs will be favored in every game between now and March Madness, their toughest test… technically… will be in early March when they are on the road at first-year-head-coach-former-conference-champ-rebuilding Nevada.

Will they win them all? That’s very unlikely, the computers say they have just a 6% chance of doing that. But barring a total meltdown it’s looking very likely that we’ll be dancing come Selection Sunday in a couple months.

Bringing Back the Madhouse

So the Aztecs are as back as they are ever going to get.

But the Madhouse on the Mesa? Is Viejas rocking?

I’ll just say it’s getting there. With students returning this week, with a ranking inching ever closer to the Top 10 in the nation, excitement is certainly building.

But– still– we need people to show up. While our “been there, done that” crowd is very happy with the play of the Aztecs but we’ve not yet seen the general interest from San Diego turn it’s attention to getting into the arena.

And we’re not seeing student camp out to get their student tickets… maybe because student tickets are now on their phones. And maybe because most students just haven’t noticed yet. After all, they’ve been on break for a few weeks.

That said, I think it’s time we as fans commit our all. San Diego sports fans don’t allow themselves to commit because their hearts have been broken too many times before.

But we need to let this year be special. Open ourselves up that maybe, just maybe, this is the year.

As Coach Fisher is prone to say, “Why not us?” If Loyola can do it than why not the Aztecs?

Dad, what will happen if…

Malachi Flynn’s game winning shot to beat San Jose State, with the Titanic treatment it deserves.

Jackson has been going to the home games with me this year. He’s been to all but two so far.

At about 8 wins in a row Jackson started asking, “What would happen if the Aztecs won every game the entire year?”

Out of instinct and self-preservation I told him that would never happen. “Just enjoy the streak for as long as it goes, buddy.”

“Yeah dad, but… What would happen?”

“It’s only happened once before. In 1977. Indiana won all of their games and it was incredible. I was only a baby but I remember hearing about it growing up. It was a big deal.”

“So what would happen if the Aztecs won every game? I mean, they can do it.”

“The world would stop and watch, Jackson. If the Aztecs win them all the world will stop and it will be a very, very big deal.”

“That’d be cool. And we’ll be there, right? I mean we have tickets to every game. If the world watches we will be here.”

“Yeah, but… let’s just worry about winning the next one, OK Jackson?”

“That’d be awesome, dad. I want to be there.”

It’s nice to dream, again.





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