College Footbal Thoughts – Week 6


San Diego State

Friday night on ESPN… this was the second national TV game for the Aztecs, and an opportunity for the country to see us play against more realistic opponent in Nevada.

Predictably only 22,000 Aztec fans came to the Q. Even with tickets starting at $7 SDSU struggles to draw. But that’s just how SoCal sports go.

On the field SDSU played 3 quarters of really good football. They were opportunistic on offense and defense and protected the football. Unfortunately the Aztecs remain a 3 quarter team who gives up points in the 4th quarter.

We held our breath and they pulled it out in OT. Despite faithless Aztec alumni who openly cheered for their team to lose in the 4th quarter, the team rallied when it mattered and the defense made a big stop to claim victory.

I’m really disappointed in the fans. Not only did they not show up, they didn’t cheer for their team when they were down. It’s proof that SDSU has a ways to go to shake it’s loser base. (Can you tell I was annoyed?)

Notre Dame

I’ve grown to really like the Shamrock Series. Once per year the Irish book a home game in a place they want to recruit and this one didn’t disappoint.

After ASU pummeled USC last weekend leading to the firing on their coach on the way home [Lane Kiffin was pulled off the bus!] I was expecting this to be a fight. But Notre Dame answered every punch ASU threw and the defense finally stepped up to finish out the game.

Things are looking up for the Irish, this fan is pleased.

Elsewhere in CFB

It was the week of the blown call. From Arizona State scoring on a play that had expired by 2 seconds to Ohio State benefiting on the road from homer calls to Tennessee getting robbed, it was a tough week for officials. That’s just a sign that competition is tightening.

But the last second “miracle TD” that allowed Ohio State to cover the spread in the final seconds was more than a little suspicious:

Ohio State was favored by anywhere from 6-7 points at most books, so the last-second defensive touchdown gave them the cover.

“And you know what? There are some folks who are celebrating and others who are saying ‘you’ve got to be kidding me,’” Musburger said immediately.

“There are some numbers crunchers … oh ho ho,” Musburger said with a laugh.

“Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness,” he said in disbelief.

Kirk Herbstreit knew what Musburger was talking about, but he avoided the subject. Brent was all over it.


You’d like to think that point shaving wasn’t a thing in college athletics. (It’s a big problem in pro sports.) But in reality… it happens. Northwestern itself is very familiar to point shaving scandals.

In the end, most of the games went as you’d expect. While I would have liked to see a few games go the other way, it was an exciting week of college football.

Week 6 results – 10-6

2013 total – 22-11

Way too early National Championship prediction: Clemson versus Stanford (It looks like both could run the table… so while the SEC expects to be in that game I don’t think there’s going to be room for a 1-loss team in 2013.)

Week 7 Predictions

SDSU @ Air Force – SDSU

Rutgers @ Louisville – Louisville

Missouria @ Georgia – Georgia

Arizona @ USC – USC

Oklahoma vs Texas – Oklahoma

Pitt @ WVU – WVU

South Carolina @ Arkansas – Hogs

Navy @ Duke – Dukies

BC @ Clemson – Clemson

Florida @ LSU – LSU

Baylor @ KSU – Baylor

Oregon @ Washington – Oregon

Michigan @ Penn State – PSU

Alabama @ Kentucky – Bama

Ga Tech @ BYU – Ga Tech

A&M @ Ole Miss – A&M








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  1. Tyler Amburgy Avatar
    Tyler Amburgy

    LOL- your hatred for Ohio State is palpable. Sorry- but I knew your prediction would be wrong in the end. I would love to hear what blown call(s) you saw in that game that lead to the results of that game… and for another matter: you seriously think that the last TD was staged to cover the spread? It was a ‘hope for the best’ play- a last ditch effort- on behalf of NW to get a TD to win the game… maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t… it really just boiled down to emotion and bad ball handling. Would you still have the same opinion if it was a pick six off of a hail mary pass? Think what you want. All I have to say is: Go Buckeyes!

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