Rebecca McRae for La Mesa Spring Valley School District

Friends who live in the La Mesa / Spring Valley School District: Please consider voting for Rebecca McRae for LMSV 2018. I know Mrs. McRae as a passionate first grade teacher at Jackson’s school. She’s running as a parent of two kids in the district, her lack of name recognition and political experience speak to…… Continue reading Rebecca McRae for La Mesa Spring Valley School District

3 Tips to Prevent Package Theft

Had a package stolen from your porch? With American doing more and more shopping online package theft is on the rise. In this post Adam McLane shares 3 tips for preventing package theft.

In San Diego it’s now a crime to be poor

Somehow I missed The Jungle in high school. When I read Upton Sinclair’s classic as a young adult it changed things. While most readers recall the horrifying details of Chicago’s turn-of-the-century meatpacking industry I saw myself in Jurgis Rudkus. I was one mistake from being him. In retrospect my 20s ended up going really well. Yet looking…… Continue reading In San Diego it’s now a crime to be poor

2016 Chicken Report

Yes, we are those people. In 2016, we got chickens. Spontaneously. And you know what? It’s more fun than we thought it’d be. Things We’ve Learned Sometimes hens turn out to be roosters. Two of our five chicks ended up being roosters. That was a bummer. It’s way easier than you think. As much as…… Continue reading 2016 Chicken Report

Why I’m Against Measure C

This November, San Diego residents will vote on Measure C, which would raise the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT or hotel tax for short) from 12.5% to 16.5% in order to partner with the NFL and the Chargers to build a new structure they are calling a “convadium.” (A multi-purpose convention and stadium complex.) An August 29th…… Continue reading Why I’m Against Measure C

Welcome Back, Students

Over the next week our neighborhood welcomes back 30,000 students to San Diego State University. That includes about 6,500 brand new students from the 83,000 who applied. Once considered a “fall back” school State has transformed itself over the past decade into a top 100 public university in the country. Despite it’s local reputation as a…… Continue reading Welcome Back, Students