Photo by San Diego Union-Tribune

Last night, just after sunset, San Diego experienced something rare: A thunderstorm. It was awesome. I was in the middle of a Rolando Community Council board meeting, we were all sitting outside, strategically far enough apart to allow for social distancing– but as the first flashes of lightening and distant thunder rolled through– we were…… Continue reading Thunderstorm!

Two Sides of the Border Story

Thousands of cars cross from Mexico into the United States at the San Ysidro Port of Entry each day.

Illegal immigration is a problem for both the United States and Mexico. But I’m guessing you’re only sort of familiar with the problem from the American perspective? Each day tens of thousands of Americans illegally enter Mexico without proper documentation. Most tourists don’t realize that their illegal entry invalidates their car insurance without proper documentation,…… Continue reading Two Sides of the Border Story

Why is there No Shade?

I live on a block with virtually no shade on the street. There are 22 houses and only 3 have a shade tree in the front yard. Adam’s block and its lack of shade trees. This time of year the lack of shade is really unnoticeable. And for people who drive everywhere in their air…… Continue reading Why is there No Shade?