Why is there No Shade?

I live on a block with virtually no shade on the street. There are 22 houses and only 3 have a shade tree in the front yard. Adam’s block and its lack of shade trees. This time of year the lack of shade is really unnoticeable. And for people who drive everywhere in their air…… Continue reading Why is there No Shade?

A Foot on Each Side

My life is in San Diego. We live here. I’m as involved locally as I’ve ever been. My work is here. My friends are here. My home is here. My bills are here. Everything is here. I live here in Rolando. My life is also in Tijuana and Ensenada, two cities in Baja California, Mexico.…… Continue reading A Foot on Each Side

Building Up California’s Urban Core

A new report from the State of California’s Department of Finance came out this month showing that the population of California is in trouble. According to the report, “The reasons for the decline during this decade were, by order of magnitude, higher domestic out-migration, lower immigration to California, and fewer births.” Why are people leaving?…… Continue reading Building Up California’s Urban Core