In August we will have lived in San Diego for eight years, making it the longest place Kristen and I will have lived in our adult lives. (Chicago, 1994 – 2002; Romeo, 2003 – 2008) While we’ve fallen in love with and great enjoyed everywhere we’ve lived… there’s just something special about San Diego. While…… Continue reading Goosebumps

Kayaking, a New Obsession

I don’t even know how to describe this obsession. Which is, I suppose, the definition of an obsession. As the summer began I had a tiny spark of a thought that I needed to find something fun to do that’d get me outside more. I have a personal philosophy of recreation but I had just…… Continue reading Kayaking, a New Obsession

Paddling to La Jolla Caves

Kristen, Jackson, and I had a great time paddling out to the La Jolla Caves. Conveniently missing from these photos is proof that I got dumped in the waves twice and Kristen & Jackson got dumped once. We’re all OK, just a great time getting wet and exploring our town!

Two San Diego State Universities: The Power of Winning I’m new to State. I moved into the College Area in 2008 and quickly adopted them. I’m not an alumni. I didn’t grow up in San Diego. They are just the school that’s near my house and I enjoy going to football and basketball games. At the same time, living so close to campus,…… Continue reading Two San Diego State Universities: The Power of Winning

San Diego via Timelapse

Oh baby, this captures so much of what makes San Diego a beautiful place to live. I can’t wait for my little rail kit rail & dolly kit to arrive so I can start learning how to shoot these kinds of time-lapse shots.

Passing on a love of sports

My dad took me to lots of games at Notre Dame. Later in middle and high school it became more about football than the other sports. But I have lots of fond memories of spending time with my dad at Notre Dame basketball, hockey, and football games. I even remember a couple baseball and soccer…… Continue reading Passing on a love of sports

San Diego blackout live blog

4:00ish – they power went out, first we thought it was just a breaker. Ten a neighbor banged on our door. 4:05 – saw on twitter lots of activity. Hearing it’s out all over San Diego. Crazy! 4:08 – trolleys are down, people are leaving work. Beer thirty came early! Thankful I didn’t go back…… Continue reading San Diego blackout live blog

Mexico isn’t Scary

I spent yesterday with some folks from Amor Ministries in Tijuana. The point of our trip was to visit some recent Amor houses built in a colonia to create a video inviting NYWC participants to spend a day of convention there building a house. The houses we saw were anywhere from 3 days old to 10…… Continue reading Mexico isn’t Scary