Rules for Public Transportation

We are a one car household. Fortunately for us, we live in a city where you can get away with having just one car because we have a decent public transportation system. Our transportation system, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, also has a policy that permits bikes. This allows me the daily privilege of riding…… Continue reading Rules for Public Transportation

To Kill a Mockingbird

Our house has a mockingbird problem. I want to kill this mockingbird. Harper Lee may have already written this book. But let me tell you that a lobotomy will never do. It is not severe enough. The only acceptable punishment for being a mockingbird is death. See, the mockingbird who calls our yard home, is…… Continue reading To Kill a Mockingbird

Off to TJ

It’s crazy that I live 15 miles from Mexico but the last time I went to Tijuana was 2003. I’m correcting that today. Phil Cunningham, a YWAM staffer and adventurous missionary, is kind enough to offer up his afternoon to take me over and show me around. I’ll post pictures and thoughts tomorrow. Don’t drink…… Continue reading Off to TJ

5 Benefits of Making Public Transportation A Part of My Daily Routine

Last year Kristen and I made a long-term family decision about having two cars. We don’t need one. And when we do we will just rent one. Since last Spring I’ve taken the trolley to work as opposed to a crazy driving ritual. We live 1.2 miles from the trolley stop at San Diego State…… Continue reading 5 Benefits of Making Public Transportation A Part of My Daily Routine

Beach day

Stoney rules!, originally uploaded by mclanea. Today we took the whole family on an outing to dog beach. We all had a great time, but I think Stoney had the most fun of all. Here’s a link to the rest of our pictures from the beach.