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  • Our first earthquake

    We were just finishing up a glorious Easter supper when we all said, “Do you feel that?” I looked to my right to see the chandelier rocking back and forth. It was about that time when Kristen and I both realized we were having an earthquake. It wasn’t violent. Our house swayed back and forth. […]

  • 5 Things I Love about my Church

    This Easter marks roughly two years since I turned in my Pastor Adam card and went from church staff to church attendee. (I was officially done June 1st, but it was during Easter week  that the offer to come to YS came, which completely changed everything.) In so many ways I’ve re-learned what it means […]

  • Tide pool fun

    This is why Cabrillo National Monument is one of our favorite places to go in San Diego County. We made 3 videos as well. 1 2 3

  • Little Italy Mercato: $10 Challenge

    HT to Beyond the Zoo

  • The Future of Food

    Tonight I watched the film above, The Future of Food. You can watch the whole thing, for free, on Hulu. (Or here on my blog if you so chose) You can learn more about how corporations are trying to run [ruin] the food supply at The Future of Food website. Another great movie covering more […]

  • Social Media Training for Pastors Coming to San Diego

    I bump into church staff all over San Diego County who have the same question, “I hear that social media is a great way to reach people, but I don’t know how to get started, and I don’t have a lot of time to figure it out.” Youth pastors. Church planters. Senior pastors. They all […]

  • December Nights

    Yesterday my family went to December Nights. At the heart of San Diego’s tourist industry stands Balboa Park. It’s a very cool complex of museums, gardens, and of course the San Diego Zoo. Like residents of most tourist destinations, very few San Diego residents regularly go to the tourist industries epicenter. I don’t know what […]

  • Guys Night Out

    Last Saturday, Paul and I had a guys night out. Mom dropped us off at the SDSU trolley stop and we rode down to Qualcomm Stadium for the home opener of the San Diego State Aztecs. Four quarters of football, the Sky Show, cotton candy, pop tarts, Pepsi, and other junk food later– this is […]

  • Little Italy Farmers Market

    Yesterday, the family spent some time down in Little Italy at their Mercato. It was super fun for mom and dad– the kids just kind of put up with it and were placatted by free samples. (Paul’s love language is food.) Here’s an exceprt from Kristen’s review over at Beyond the Zoo: Not just a […]

  • Mobile post: line at Hodad’s

    A couple pictures from our wait in line at Hodad’s.