Guys Night Out


Last Saturday, Paul and I had a guys night out. Mom dropped us off at the SDSU trolley stop and we rode down to Qualcomm Stadium for the home opener of the San Diego State Aztecs. Four quarters of football, the Sky Show, cotton candy, pop tarts, Pepsi, and other junk food later– this is what you get. A kid in a sugar coma on dad’s shoulders on the train ride home. And a dad happy to get a few hours alone with his son.

Yes, he’s using a Webkinz bat as a pillow on my head.



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2 responses to “Guys Night Out”

  1. marko Avatar

    nice job sportin’ the zondervan jacket!

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    No doubt. Now I know that the 1 year anniversary gift is “fleece.”

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