Our first earthquake

We were just finishing up a glorious Easter supper when we all said, “Do you feel that?

I looked to my right to see the chandelier rocking back and forth. It was about that time when Kristen and I both realized we were having an earthquake.

It wasn’t violent. Our house swayed back and forth. It literally felt like we were on a ship, rocking back and forth in the waves. And it lasted a while.

This was our first real earthquake experience since living in San Diego. For our kids, it was the first one they felt.

Paul– having finished supper and roaming the house in boredom, rode out the earthquake laying on our bed. He thought it was a blast. Megan, slightly more logical, grabbed her stuffed bunny and went outside. Paul giggled and Megan was freaked out.

Twitter lit on fire. Within 2 minutes of the quake, 35,000 tweets were posted with people saying they had felt it. People up in the Los Angeles area, people in Palm Springs, people in rural California and Arizona, and people as far away as Phoenix felt it. (5 hour drive)

Scientists later confirmed that the quake was centered south of Mexicali, about 100 miles from our house, and measured 7.2.

No damage at our house. Within about 10 minutes we went back to Easter as usual.

Aftershock city! Just like when you get off of a long boat ride, it felt like the earth kept moving. Some were real aftershocks and some were our imagination.

Our friends south of the border faired much worse, I’m afraid. CNN is reporting that 2 people were killed and lots more were injured. Additionally, tons of homes were seriously damaged.

It was an Easter to remember. And an Easter to be thankful for building codes.





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