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  • Easter Hype

  • What does the Easter Mayhem teach us?

    Several weeks have now passed since Easter. My hope is that by now, church leaders are scratching their heads and wondering if it was all worth it. Easter mayhem? A lot, LOT, of churches consider Easter to be a day for growth. For church marketing types, it is Super Bowl Sunday. With the highest attendance […]

  • Our first earthquake

    We were just finishing up a glorious Easter supper when we all said, “Do you feel that?” I looked to my right to see the chandelier rocking back and forth. It was about that time when Kristen and I both realized we were having an earthquake. It wasn’t violent. Our house swayed back and forth. […]

  • Dolly, Elvis, Johnny on Easter Morning

    Thank you Ms. Dolly. Mr. Presley, you may be the king of rock-n-roll, but you ain’t the King. Thanks for that. Thank you Mr. Cash. You really brought it home. HT to John for the Dolly Parton link.

  • Do I Fit in Here?

    That’s what many visitors are wondering today in churches across the country. It’s my hope that churches around the country spent more time answering that question today than anything else. Jesus tore the veil between us and God. His death eliminated the need for a High Priest to represent us to God. Jesus looked at […]

  • Easter Strategery

    If church is all about reaching numbers than this is Super Bowl Week for church. If you work in a church, holy week is kind of hell week. Church staff can’t wait for Monday. (Speaking as a former church staffer!) Weeks of planning and putting together a marketing plan, an event plan, a parking plan, […]

  • An Ode to Peeps

    I actually like the candy covered marshmallow goodness. They are strangely addicting and I am certain that they somehow properly reflect the serious nature of Easter. This video is dedicated the the millions of peeps who have given their lives at the hands of middle schoolers armed with boredom and a microwave. Fear of Flight […]

  • Sunday’s Comin’

    Anyone who was at the service last night will remember this video. (Totally digging the subwoofer on this one) I blushed when a couple of people assumed that I made the video… I wish! Here it is. By the way, if you are somehow on the bubble about the service tommorow… it’s going to be […]

  • Dipping Day

    Think about this, you you are an egg, today is dipping day. Millions and perhaps billions of eggs will be boiled, cooled, then dipped in some sort of dye. Sure, Easter eggs themselves have pagan roots… but Christianity is a religion that redemptively uses other culturally relevant traditions and customs all the time. Enjoy the […]

  • Easter Egg Hunt Video

    This is pretty raw. But it shows what we were up to and how much fun it was. Again, thanks to all that helped pull this one off. I think there were about 25 volunteers… awesome!