Do I Fit in Here?

welcome-to-churchThat’s what many visitors are wondering today in churches across the country.

It’s my hope that churches around the country spent more time answering that question today than anything else.

Jesus tore the veil between us and God. His death eliminated the need for a High Priest to represent us to God. Jesus looked at a hodgepodge group of sinners, tax collectors, political nut cases, prostitutes, and fishermen and said to them… “on you I will build my church.” That’s hope for you and I. A church is a community of messy people.

We aren’t very priestly. We aren’t entirely seperate from sin. But what we are is atoned for and stumbling towards faith. Two steps forward, one step back.

Do I fit in here? That is the question visitors want answered.

If your church communicates that on Easter. Those visitors will come back. Roughly 79% of adults in America believe in the literal resurrection of Jesus. Don’t convince them in what they already believe.

Convince  them in what they don’t believe…





2 responses to “Do I Fit in Here?”

  1. jeff greathouse Avatar

    I went to our early service and our 2nd service. I then went to another “fellowship” for Easter and then back for the last half of our 3rd service (no responsibilities).

    I was a first time visitor at the other Easter Service. It was again “eye-openning” to see how a “visitor” feels.

  2. Teresa Avatar

    I work regionally for a denomination so I took the opportunity of Easter to visit two local churches outside of my denomination… it was horrible. At one church no one spoke to me or sat in a 4 foot radius of me… I did NOT belong…

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