Slow Exhale

Yesterday, Youth Specialties let go of about 40% of its workforce. It was a day that suckety, sucked, sucked. And than I thought about it and it sucked some more. Since YS is a small close-knit company I know every single person who was let go. You read about a company cutting jobs and it…… Continue reading Slow Exhale

Avocado and Limes

Part of our integration into San Diego life has been the addition of two staples into our diet. It seems like all of the best foods are either cooked with or come with a side of avocado and/or lime. Once novelties, these are pretty normal on our plates. Also part of our normal diet these…… Continue reading Avocado and Limes

Dinner with the Bailey’s

Kristen and I are having one of those fun weeks that is also really busy. Other than Dave, we’ve not had many visitors since our moving to San Diego. That has been both good and bad. Good in that we’ve been forced to find new friends… and we’ve been doing that. Bad in that we…… Continue reading Dinner with the Bailey’s

Christmas in the City

Yesterday our church hosted an event called Christmas in the City. It was one of the most unique expressions of God’s love I’ve ever witnessed. We are an unashamedly urban ministry. Situated in City Heights, a diverse working poor community, we reach out to the neighborhood in ways that just wouldn’t work in the suburbs.…… Continue reading Christmas in the City