Slow Exhale

Yesterday, Youth Specialties let go of about 40% of its workforce. It was a day that suckety, sucked, sucked. And than I thought about it and it sucked some more.

Since YS is a small close-knit company I know every single person who was let go. You read about a company cutting jobs and it never seems personal… just a ticker on the bottom of the screen on MSNBC as I drink my morning coffee. This was very personal and too close to home.

Today begins the slow exhale. In a couple of hours I begin to deal with the realities of “now what?” Yesterday is in the past and there is a lot to do in the hours, days, and weeks to come.

Today I take a deep breath to breathe the new air of today. There is no other choice. The task at hand is to equip and encourage youth workers.

Literally, this morning I will reshoot the podcast that was to go live yesterday and we will get right back to work. I will look into the camera and remind everyone… “What you do matters.” It does. It matters a lot.

Marko posted this on his blog today… it captures what I feel about today.







3 responses to “Slow Exhale”

  1. Len Avatar

    yeah still thinking and praying for you guys.

  2. Matthew McNutt Avatar

    I can’t imagine what you all must be feeling – I’m very sad for all of you. I’m praying as well.

  3. tim Avatar

    Appreciate your post, it’s obviously easier to not say anything. God’s grace to you, those at YS, and those no longer. Our God is one of future and He has one for all of your friends (and for all the strangers).

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