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  • 5 Ways Your Church can be Good News to Unemployed Young Adults

    A Bureau of Labor Statistics report released Wednesday said 745,000 more job seekers between 16 and 24 years old were unemployed from April to July. That compares with an increase of 571,000 among the same age group last summer. In July, the share of young people who were employed was 48.8%, marking a record low […]

  • Level of Difficulty

    I’ll admit it. I’m a recovering video game junky. Up until Madden 2005 I used to incessantly play anything football EA Sports produced. One of the fun things about the Madden games is that you can adjust the level of difficulty to match your skill level in the game. So, if you were new, you […]

  • Jobs and Millennials

    Scott Nicholson needs a job. Or so reports the New York Times in a recent article. The problem isn’t that Scott can’t get a job. It’s that Scott can’t get a job he wants. Here’s one situation that lead to a job offer he turned down. It was in pursuit of a solid job that […]

  • Slow Exhale

    Yesterday, Youth Specialties let go of about 40% of its workforce. It was a day that suckety, sucked, sucked. And than I thought about it and it sucked some more. Since YS is a small close-knit company I know every single person who was let go. You read about a company cutting jobs and it […]