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  • The Best Investment Advice I’ve Ever Received

    The Best Investment Advice I’ve Ever Received

    One of the hardest things about investing your money is deciding who to listen to for advice. There’s a myriad of financial advice-givers out there, both paid and free, and fueled by the internet it’s really easy to find them all.

  • Things are looking up

    It may not look like it yet where you live, but there are signs of life in America that things are looking better. As the chart above shows- stocks have been rebounding for basically 12 months. The unemployment rate, while still horribly high, has begun to turn… following the comeback of Wall Street. As church […]

  • A Failing Battle to Fight Foreclosure

    This headline caught my attention this morning: Ten months ago President Obama announced a $75 billion program to keep as many as four million Americans in their homes by persuading banks to renegotiate their mortgages. Lenders have accepted more than one million applications and cut three-month trial deals with 759,000 homeowners. But they have converted […]

  • Stock Market Rally

    Americans are addicted to bad news. So this may come as a surprise. There are stocks within the market that are on fire! I’ll give you one example from my portfolio. In February, I took dividends from Honda Motor Company (a stock I’ve owned a long time, having a flat year) and invested those dividends […]

  • From Wall St. to Your Street

    Faced with sobering conditions, companies that issue MasterCard, Visa and other cards are rushing to stanch the bleeding, even as options once easily tapped by borrowers to pay off credit card obligations, like home equity lines or the ability to transfer balances to a new card, dry up. Story Just like it takes a few […]

  • Quick Note to Investors

    The sky isn’t falling. As all of that money pours out of Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other financials today… just be reminded of one thing. That money is leaving one place and going somewhere else. As you know, there’s a bull market somewhere. It’s not like all of those investors are taking […]

  • Find the value somewhere

    I don’t talk about stocks very much, but I would consider the stock market a passive hobby of mine. It is a very fascinating time to own stock as the markets are all over the place. One day the market is on fire and you’ll add a few points here and there only to see […]

  • Cedar Point is in the portfolio

    My family has a habit of investing in companies that we believe in. Our family portfolio includes an automaker and an oil company that are serious about making money while remaining serious about caring for the world we live in. In short, We added a fun company to our portfolio, literally. Cedar Fair Entertainment Group […]

  • Goodbye Sirius and Texas Roadhouse

    Today I sold some stocks. There were a couple of dogs in my otherwise solid performing portfolio. I had been a huge fan of Sirius and backed up my personal enthusiasm with investments from my IRA. After a couple of years of listening to the promises of long awaited profit and the ever present merger […]

  • It’s Official: Worst Housing Market in America

    According to Forbes Magazine, the Detroit Metro area maintains it’s hold as the worst housing market in the United States. Don’t know about other home owners around here… but consecutive years leading this list is kind of expensive. (More than 15% decrease in 2 years!) When you turn your gaze to the Midwest, the issue […]